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OUSL Offers Two Innovative English Qualifications

The Postgraduate Institute of English (PGIE) of the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) is Sri Lanka’s only state postgraduate institute dedicated to English language and literature education. Established in 2005, the institute for over a decade has offered professional qualifications to English language and literature educators. The PGIE’s programs are highly sought after due to their quality, relevance and academic rigour. Students learn in a flexible environment which combines online and distance learning with face-to-face work and have the option of taking courses according to their schedules, while maintaining work-life balance. The institute has a highly qualified internal teaching faculty and a visiting faculty drawn from all national universities. In August and September, the PGIE is offering two unique programs.
The Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language (MA TESL)
The PGIE MA TESL is Sri Lanka’s pioneering MA TESL program and has catered to the professional needs of teachers, university lecturers, education administration officers and others interested in English language qualifications for over 10 years. The new-look 2020 program offers students three options for completion: the Postgraduate Diploma (completed within one year); Masters by Coursework (completed within 1 year); and the Masters by Research (completed within 2 years). Students are also able to complete the Postgraduate Diploma of the Masters by Coursework and later return to complete the Masters by Research. It is the only MA TESL program in the country with a full Teaching practicum – allowing those with little teaching experience to transition from another profession to teaching English. Given the current health situation in the country, almost eighty percent of the course is offered online. This allows even more flexibility and freedom for working professionals. The MA TESL will be offered in September 2020.
The Master of Arts in Teaching Literature in a Second Language Context (MA TLSC)
The MA TLSC is a unique program offered nowhere else in the region. It is the only English literature qualification which equips teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach literature. Taught by an eminent panel, comprising award-winning novelists, dramatists, poets and academics, it enables students to receive exposure to a wide body of knowledge, theory and practical skills. The MA TLSC is also offered with the flexibility of a Postgraduate Diploma exit option and given the current situation in the country more than eighty percent of the course is offered online.
The MA TLSC addresses a specific gap in the Sri Lankan education system where there is little or no systematic training on literature teaching.
As with other courses offered by the PGIE the program is designed to accommodate the busy lifestyles of working professionals and students are able to choose which modules to take at their own pace. The MA TLSC will be offered inSeptember 2020.
More information on both courses can be obtained from: [email protected] Tel: 0112 881 000 Ext: 633/ PGIE

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