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Unique Opportunity to Be a World Class Professional in Management , Commonwealth Executive Masters of Business/Public Administration

The Commonwealth Executive Masters of Business/Public administration, conveniently referred to as CEMBA/CEMPA, the masters program designed and developed by a panel of experts from the member countries of the Commonwealth was inaugurated in 2003 by the then Department of Management Studies of the Faculty of Humanities of Social Sciences of the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL).
The Open University of Sri Lanka entered into a strategic partnership with Commonwealth of Learning (COL) in Canada in 2001 and this made it possible to inaugurate this program in Sri Lanka in 2003, creating a golden opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing higher education in management studies to obtain a highly recognised, quality master’s degree and reach greater heights in their respective profession.
This program is offered through a network of universities in Asia, Africa, South Pacific and South America with the prime objective of meeting the ever growing global demand for high quality post graduate level education in business and public administration.
The forthcoming 16th batch will be registered under newly established Faculty of Management Studies. The broader objective of the newly established Faculty of Management Studies is to empower people by providing high quality management education through open distance learning and extended learner support systems.
The staff attached to the faculty makes every possible effort to produce creative and innovative management professional that can make a striking contribution to their respective fields in particular and economic and social development of our nation in general.
Performance of firms operating in this dynamic global environment is to a greater extent determined by the professional that manage them. The CEMBA/CEMPA has been primarily designed to produce professionals having the knowledge and capacities to successfully overcome the challenges faced by modern day organisations. This program ideally caters to the requirements of busy working professionals and they could plan the studies at their own pace by taking into consideration their family, work and other commitments. This is a two year masters program and it covers a wider array of subjects, the course materials of which have been developed by subject experts drawn from various institutions in Commonwealth countries. The students of CEMBA/CEMPA have two exit points, Postgraduate diploma could be obtained by completing six compulsory and two elective courses or Masters could be obtained by completing eight compulsory courses, four elective courses and the dissertation. The dissertation, the most vital component of the masters, provides an opportunity for the participants to demonstrate their ability to apply various concepts learnt during the program in analysing critical management issue of an organisation.
The Faculty of Management gives you the opportunityto obtain an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification within just two years. Applications can be forwarded online, until March 17 2020. More details on the program could be obtained by visiting the OUSL web Program Coordinator is Mr. Deepal L. Bataduwa – Arachchi.

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