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United Together for Decent Work for Economic Growth by MSU Students

Tourism in Sri Lanka has always played a pivotal role as one of the highest foreign exchange income generator, with diverse attractions, pristine beaches, winding mountain trails and increased popularity amount young travelers within the region and beyond. The country is on a mission to hit its target of 3-4 million tourist arrivals by 2020.
The Government intends to attract upmarket tourists and provide higher quality service for better rates to achieve the target of USD 10Bn annual earnings from the industry by 2025, with such ambitious goals and targets the infrastructure and skills required to deliver on such capacity is a great challenge.
Industry experts have posed, for decades that one of the major challenges has been in providing employment and satisfying aspirations of youth in relation to the hospitality industry. Sri Lanka to maintain inclusive economic growth, youth must have the skills and opportunities they need for successful careers in the hospitality industry.
The Management and Science University (MSU) students enrolled in the Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management (hons) Degree Program have clearly recognised the necessity of introducing more youth to the industry.
A full day workshop was conducted on Saturday under the campaign “Youth Can” aimed at developing capacities of the resident youth at S.O.S Village.
The day will be filled with activities and sessions focused on developing soft skills and facing challenges and more over engaging in discourse inspiring youth to enter the industry. The event will be graced by professionals, entrepreneurs and students linked to the tourism industry. The Main Industry Partners for this event was Unilever Sri Lanka, T.I.A Creations and the Flight Center. In addition our Lecturers Suranga Thennakoon, Vajira Rathnayake and the management, lecturers and Staff of MSU and MSI Colombo provide their support to make this event successful.
Along with the rapid development of Tourism industry in Sri Lanka, MSU and MSI offer the most recognised, the Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism management program leading to the Bachelors (hones) Degree that bestows students with the knowledge in the combined disciplines of Hospitality, Tourism, Event and Management. In addition to being educated in these fields, students will also learn about the state-of-the-art technologies used in the fields of economics, management and marketing, enabling graduates of this program, to not only be competent in Hospitality and Tourism, but also to have a knowledge on complex strategic issues in the Business decision making in any changing environment MSU is 541st QS world Ranked University and enjoying the status of recognising as an “Excellent University”, as stated by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and accredited by the Accreditation Services for International Colleges UK, MSU strives to be the university of choice for specialized and professional education.
MSU Malaysia has recognised by the University Grant Commission (UGC) Sri Lanka.
For more information on this event or MSU and MSI Programs, contact us on Management and Science Institute (MSI) at No, 300 Galle Road, Colombo 3.Tel : 011 257 69600 / 011 2576700 Hotline : 077 0777 880 or email e- mail ; [email protected] or website www.msu.edu.lk or www.msu.edu.my

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