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For Future World of Works ; NIBM to Launch Vishwa Paasala to power Gen Z

Creating a new education culture to groom youth to drive the modern generation and enable them to build the future world of work, the NIBM will launch a national level project – Vishwa Paasala – to power Gen Z – on February 28 .

Director General, National Institute of Business Management Dr D M A Kulasooriya said that, being one of the pioneers and trend setters in the Sri Lankan education sector, the NIBM did several studies on the future trends of Education and employment. “We observed that Generation Z (youth born in the mid- to late-1995 to early to mid-2012) are keen to adopt modern education methods. These students are keen to be job creators rather than been job seekers.
Generation Z members adapt to their work environment easily and are not afraid of transformations and transitions. They just need an environment in which they can express their potential and succeed in bringing innovation. Therefore, investing in new technologies, developing coaching programs, promoting a better work-life balance and
communication and paying attention to social responsibility are few components NIBM is planning to inculcate in introducing this program to Sri Lanka.
He said the new Minister of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation, Bandula Gunawardena has pushed the NIBM to create new education techniques to
suit to the demands of Generation Z.
“Based upon the Ministers ideas the NIBM will launchi the national level project to empower Generation Z in Schools to drive future of world of work, Vishwa Paasala on February 28 .
The primary objective of this is for unleashing creativity in the minds of school students to innovate startups, creating positive mindset among students to grow a sustainable nation, opening doors for the real-world scenarios to expand student knowledge and skills and making and opening future higher education paths for students. “We will be creating Business Units in Schools and NIBM will be conducting a project that will tap the nation in multiple streams to pave the path for students to engage in enhancing their knowledge and capacity to innovate. All these projects will streamline all activities to benefit all the participants.The Projects conducted under each business unit are:
IOT Boot Camp Series and Hackathon
IoT Bootcamp is a national level program that is planned to be conducted by involving school students from schools across the island. The program is expected be conducted in three sub-phrases in the course of nine-months and the learning aspects of the program is to be delivered by a selected set of IoT experts from National Institute of Business Management who have already learned the concepts and have proven their ability to deliver their knowledge to guide the beginners.
Business Innovation
The aim of this competition is to create an opportunity for the youth to present their innovative and marketable products, services and ideas to the industry for actual implementation. The western province schools will be targeted for this project given the proximity to several reputed organizations in the location.
This will pave the way for students to build relationships with the industries as it will open doors for the students to study business processes if necessary and to come up with innovative ideas for new business venture that will contribute towards uplifting a sustainable country.
National Emerging
Designer Competition
The competition ‘National Emerging Young Designer’ is to find out the next generation designer who will combine the concept of ‘reuse and recycling’ for the world of design. Simply school students have to come up with Creative Products made of reuse / waste material.The competition will be hosted in two streams which is in Fashion Design (garments / accessories) and Interior Design (furniture)
National LEGO
The project is focused towards the Sri Lankan school age population spanning through the ages of 15 to 18.The competition is mainly focused on schools in the districts of Colombo, Gampaha, and Kalutara targeting the central schools of the districts.The event would be conducted in two series as the semifinal and final rounds of the competition.
The students would be given a limited set of LEGO equipment to be more creative in their own capacities rather than putting them limiting them to a standard catalog.
“NIBM has planned to invest in mobilisation of the proposed project to provide appropriate publicity using various types of media to attract attention of policy makers, entrepreneurs and well-wishers and the future generation of the country.”
Dr. Kulasooriya said that students been involved in these projects will help install Entrepreneurial mind set to them and give them confidence to engage in a self-owned Start up after completing their education.
He said that the NIBM will also get the North East School children also involved in this event.
“We will get all our NIBM institutions in Colombo 5, Narahenpita, Galle, Matara, Kandy and Kurunegala actively involved in this project.The NIBM as a part of its CSR would be annually conducting this program as we feel grooming youth towards ‘self-employment’ would help to create a better tomorrow for them.

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