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Achieve Your Dreams With Training Support From ITI

ITI is a leading provider of high tech analytical testing services and Research and Development in Sri Lanka.
We are the successor to Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (CISIR) and comes under the purview of the Ministry of higher Education, Technology and Innovation. ITI is a multidisciplinary National institute which is recognized locally as well as internationally.
Over the past years, ITI has provided services to firms involved in business for local and export markets, National Infrastructure Development projects and also to overseas laboratories. It is accredited as per ISO 17025:2005 and conforms to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standards. The services are carried out by scientists and trained technical staff together with the guidance of laboratory management who has years of relevant industrial expertise and experience.
ITI while adhering to its functions and objectives, continued conducting workshops, seminars, training programs for personnel from Small and Medium Enterprises, Government Institute, Youth groups, Vidatha Centres and Undergraduate and Graduate students providing a great service towards the economic development of the country.
During the past decades, ITI were able to conduct many training workshops in the fields of
Chemical and Microbiological
Industrial Metrology
Quality Assurance
Residue Analysis
Electro technology
Environmental Technology
Food Technology
Herbal Technology
Material Technology
offering required know how for the initiation of small enterprises. Special Training workshops also could be arranged.
Industrialists have the opportunity to get their staff trained through our expertise and to give them a good exposure using our sate of art equipment.
These training programs are tailormade and they have the privileged to meet technical expertise and clear their doubts.
Using technical expertise, we can guide the industrialist to archive their quality standard. Training your staff is long term investment. Choosing the right party for the training is challengeable and very critical.
Having over 60 years’ experience giving technical support for the industrialists, ITI technical expertise has been moulded to provide the best solution for the industry demand.
Getting right training for your staff will enhance the productivity of your industry, and it will help you sustain in the business. Contact Marketing and Business Development section of ITI for more details on 011 2379808.
The rapid advancements in technology mean that the credential your employee earned a couple of years ago is now obsolete.
There are new ideas in every sector, and your staff must stay on top of them to ensure their value and relevance. The investment is worth it in terms of productivity gains and a happier, more loyal workforce. When the staff gets better, the business gets better.

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