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Transfer Guaranteed to New Zealand Massey University, Exclusive Education Partner GISM Sri Lanka

GISM is a leading higher education institute that offers undergraduate and postgraduate pathway programs in collaboration with prestigious Massey University, New Zealand. Students can join GISM with O/L or A/L and, on successful completion of the first part, they can transfer to second or third year of Massey University, NZ .
Students can save up to Rs. 5.0 million if transfer with one year study in Sri Lanka. During the time that the students follow the first part of the Degree course in Sri Lanka, they gain experience to live in overseas under GISM guidance, while saving the international course fee and living cost for the period.
If a student starts a degree right after O/L through a Foundation program, he/she can complete the degree in the age of 21years or, if starts after A/L, it is in age 23 with an opportunity for a kick start to a better career in an early age.
There are over 25 number of degree majors to choose for the student in popular fields, such as Mechatronic Engineering (Hons), Electronic & Computer Engineering (Hons), Construction Management, Quantity Survey, Construction Law, Bachelor of Science- Microbiology, Biochemistry, Marine Biology and Bachelor of Information Science-IT/CS/Software Eng/Data Science etc. In Bachelor of Business, 10 majors including HR/Marketing/Finance/Economics are available to choose.
GISM also offers Postgraduate Diploma programs in Sri Lanka for the successful students to transfer to Massey University in NZ to complete their Masters in one year. Graduate and Postgraduate study options available are Logistic and Supply Chain Management, Information Science, Construction Management, Quantity Survey and Bioscience. Postgraduate diplomas are unique programs designed for the professionals to gain world-recognized qualifications in NZ qualifying the graduates to work in relevant industry in NZ or any other country for a better life.
GISM is managed by renowned academics in both NZ and SL who have many years of experience in both education and industry sectors. “With our experience sending 21 batches of students to NZ and UK, we guaranty that the successful students are definitely able to transfer to Massey University, NZ or Edinburgh Napier University, UK which isour other education partner’, says President Professor G. Senaratne. “We are proud of maintaining best academic quality standard required by our overseas University partners,” he added.
GISM supports students immensely to enter to a reputed Massey University or Napier University by providing free English classes, IELTS classes and conducting courses for academic writing skill development. We groom our students to shape them to study and work in a foreign country by giving them training on real world problem solving, communication skill development as well as provide a free orientation program targeting overseas study. We go on an extra mile by providing visa handling and guidance for overseas transfer free of charge.
GISM has a strong collaboration with Massey University NZ so there are special appointed coordinators to help our students. We even have our own directors or representatives in New Zealand to help our students in finding secured accommodation and part time jobs, to assure the students are successful to adapt to a foreign country. New Zealand is a very peaceful and safe country to live where our alumni also supports the new students when they arrive New Zealand.
GISM’s President Professor Senaratne is a New Zealand citizen and also a former faculty of Massey University, and he is one of an education consultant to this University. With his experience and academic maturity, he helps students gain Masters and PhD entries in this University.

For more details, go to or, visit GISM campus at 1A, Ananda Mawatha, Melder Place, Nugegoda. You can contact us by 0112 820 810, 0712242242 or 0777440489.

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