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SLIIT Reaches Education Excellence With Faculty of Humanities and Sciences

SLIIT, the leading higher education institute in Sri Lanka continues to receive world acclaim in the field of education for establishing the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, which is the latest addition in its rapid-paced education-based milestones that offers the widest range of programs offered by a Faculty within the Campus. The vast spectrum on offer spans the areas of Biotechnology, Education, Law, Mathematics, Nursing and Psychology.

Dr. Malitha Wijesundara, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, himself a renowned professional with years of experience in the field of education and industry experience both in the state and the private sector as a technical consultant stated that the aim of the Faculty is to groom a well-balanced student with a superior level of employability empowered with the multifaceted skills required in this era. Within a short duration since its establishment, the faculty has gained global recognition with students gaining a comprehensive university experience which aspires students to reach their goals in life. “We are recognized by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act, and we have gained membership in the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the International Association of Universities. We have also established both local and foreign affiliations to provide the students with the options of selecting the recognition of their degree.”
Professional educators and facilities – the backbone of the faculty
The backbone of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences consists of an experienced and continuously expanding panel of 32 full-time academics, including 10 PhDs and five Professors, with the additional facilities being six expansive state-of-the-art laboratories namely, Biochemistry and Molecular, Tissue Culture, Physics, Nursing Skills, Nutrition and Anatomy. All of these laboratories are well equipped to aid research and laboratory practical lessons of the Science related programmes. In addition the Faculty also operates a Greenhouse in terms of a hi-tech agriculture system (vertical Farming) to aid the teaching and research of the Biotechnology program.
As part of SLIIT’s overall education culture, the Faculty encourages students to take part in extracurricular activities conducted in the Campus in addition to the academic work they carryout in order to achieve an all-inclusive educational experience and exposure which is in great demand in the corporate world.
Endless possibilities
“The wide array of degree programs offered, leaves students with endless possibilities in pursuing one’s professional career path,” added Dr. Wijesundara.
Most of our degrees are affiliated to the international universities with students having the option of either completing the degree in Sri Lanka which is more cost effective or complete the final stages of the degree overseas. Further, SLIIT finds internships for all the students with in-house facilitators providing additional support pertaining to the programmes on offer.
BSc (Hons) Psychology
A degree in Psychology, a discipline which studies the human mind and behaviour, not only offers you the opportunity for personal growth, but also opens up a variety of career opportunities in many fields. A background in Psychology will enhance your employability by helping you understand yourself and others by developing sound analytical skills. You will learn to communicate effectively – a skill essential for the workplace and a very valuable skill often overlooked in most industries. Obtaining a degree in Psychology will not limit you to a career in Psychology: a degree in this versatile subject will lead to numerous rewarding and exciting careers.
BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology
This field of study enables graduates to pursue multiple career options such as Scientists or Managers in the Medical Laboratories, Veterinary Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Bio medical Engineering, Agricultural Industry, areas pertaining to product manufacturing and Production, Nutritional Biotechnology, Bio informatics, forensic investigations, Bio-terrorism and Marine Biotechnology. This degree is ideal for the students who followed the Biology Stream at the GCE Advanced Level examination.
LLB (Hons) Law
The Liverpool John Moores University’s LLB (Hons) Law Program offered at SLIIT is a fully franchised UK degree which seeks to transform undergraduates into legal professionals who can compete not only locally but also globally.
The 3 year degree program consists of core modules which give students a firm grasp of the fundamentals of English law, and optional modules which give students an opportunity to acquire knowledge about specialized areas of law such as human rights, animal rights, financial crimes, banking, International law and more. The additional support provided to students include the access to Law data bases from Liverpool John Moores University, availability of an expert lecture panel on full time basis on campus.
The degree with its strong industry focus also allows students to acquire and hone knowledge and skills needed for traditional jobs as well as non-traditional career pathways as professional mediators or negotiators through modules such as mooting, mediation and negotiation. The career prospects are vast which include the traditional pathway as an Attorney-at-law of the private bar, officers of the Attorney-General’s department commencing as state counsels, joining the judiciary and gaining employment as judges or in government departments and ministries including the Legal Draftsman’s department.
It also provides the opportunity to join law firms or opt to become legal officers of private companies, politicians or as academics.
The non-traditional career pathways include working in NGO’s and other International Organizations such as the UN, or Legal Process Outsourcing Companies (LPOs) working as researches, professional arbitrators, mediators and negotiators.
BSc (Hons) Nursing (International)
Nursing as a service requires a broad education. Professional nursing is a service devoted to the promotion of human social welfare. Nursing helps to attain this objective by giving care to the sick and injured, promoting and restoring health and preventing disease. As part of the professionally-accredited BSc (Hons) Nursing awarded by Liverpool John Moores University UK, students will complete supervised clinical practice within hospital settings as well as outside hospital environments.
During the clinical placements students will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced nurses and be supervised by practice mentors, as well as having the support of clinical liaison lecturers and academic link staff. Through this programme, students are privileged to experience excellent educational and professional training facilities that simulate a real work environment.
After the 20th-century nursing has undergone tremendous changes and developments. A broader and more varied field of work has been opened for nurses recently with greater opportunities for higher studies. Moreover, current nursing professionals are exposed to national and international professional contacts which lead to experiences that are applicable worldwide. Specialty areas such as critical care, operating theater, emergency, urology, and paediatric advanced training are included in the profession. Furthermore, novel intellectual practices including but not limited to nursing research, evidence based nursing, nursing process, nursing audit, and quality nursing are also experienced.
B.Ed (Hons) in Physical Sciences
This programme aims to produce teachers who are competent to teach subjects such as Physics and Mathematics in the secondary schools including G.C.E Advanced Level classes.
Upon completion of this programme, the graduate will not only be able to join the public sector but also will be highly sought after by the private sector since the medium of instruction of this degree programme is English.
A graduate has the potential for employability in positions where the basic requirement is an undergraduate (Hons) degree.
In the event of a graduate wanting to pursue a career as an academic, there is a possibility of enrolling either in a Masters’ in Education (M.Ed.) or Masters’ in Philosophy (M. Phil.) programme.
B.Ed (Hons) in English
This program aims to produce teachers who are competent to teach English Language and
Literature in secondary schools, including G.C.E Advance Level classes.
B.Ed (Hons) in Biological Sciences
This programme aims to produce teachers who are competent to teach Biology and Chemistry in secondary schools including G.C.E Advanced Level classes.
Unlimited scope
Dr. Malitha Wijesundara summarized the unlimited scope for students at the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences by stating the fact that it is also equipped with the largest variety of resources for students with the university investing on the latest books, e-resources, digital touch screens, interactive 3D models and much more.
“While the focal point is based upon acquiring knowledge, SLIIT fosters a spirit of camaraderie among the students through the numerous interactive programs. Among its many skill-building activities is also the leadership and community programs, CSR projects and much more. SLIIT’s networking is strong, with its training begining at school level with far-reaching awareness through workshops and other outreach efforts,” he added. Through its vast scope on offer SLIIT provides the platform for students to explore the path of study each one is passionate about instead of merely following the trend. SLIIT has made its mark as a leader in higher education with campuses scheduled to be opened in Galle and Pallakelle in the near future.
SLIIT’s faculty of Humanities and Sciences, with its student-oriented, campus based atmosphere ensures the overall success of each student that walks through its portals, earning the respect and trust of the local and global community for its world class standards in higher education with graduates equipped to face the challenges of life and reach the pinnacle of success in their professional choice of career.
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