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Milestone Achievement in Hospitality Industry With CHFMA

Certified Hospitality Finance and Management Accountant program (CHFMA) is the specialized professional qualification in Hospitality Finance and Management Accounting in Sri Lanka which is jointly offered by Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (CMA), a body Incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 23 of 2009 and Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM), a Government Body coming under the Ministry of Tourism.
CHFMA course is the first such course to train accounting staff for hotels and those employed in the accounting and finance function in hotel sector. This professional Course will provide a career path for finance and accounting staff in the hospitality industry to acquire a professional qualification enabling them to enhance their skills and knowledge and thereby improve significantly their contribution to support the growth, competitiveness and profitability in the hotel and tourism industry.
B.L. Tharanga Fernando, a student of CHFMA, at Diploma level who is the Assistant Credit Manager of Galadari Hotel says, “CHFMA has helped me gain overall knowledge about both Accounting and Hospitality Trade through the highly skilled professional lecturers. CHFMA was essential to my career path. I got the theory and practical knowledge to apply for the hotel to implement for the betterment of my entity. I was able to improve my self-confidence through CHFMA professional qualification. I would like to recommend CHFMA qualification as the gate way to all the accounting employees in the hospitality trade”.
Sandun Mendisa, a student of CHFMA, at Diploma level who is the Senior Accountant of Ramada Colombo says,“CHFMA gives me a good overall knowledge regarding the hotel industry operations, especially regarding the cost control practices in a hotel and uniform accounting system framework regarding the hotel accounting.
Also, CHFMA has emerged as a wonderful bridge to me in helping my professional life to be a fully qualified and successful accountant and to prove my need to show my employer that I am working to improve their present and future”.
Usama Ghouse, a student of CHFMA, at Diploma level says, “this program unique and intriguing, because CHFMA offers me an exclusive and highly detailed learning opportunity into the hospitality finance and accounting functions. Unlike other qualifications that offer a more general perspective, this qualification is tailored for the hospitality industry. Hence, such industry concepts that would otherwise be arduous to lean on the job, I was able to comprehend effortlessly. It is also worth noting, we delved into concepts that are used by industry experts and those which are essential, but may not be standardized by all institutions, hence it would benefit the organization one works for immensely by having this qualification.
I strive to be a hotelier, and I believe that this qualification would help me enhance my career immensely every step of the way, through the expert knowledge I have gained from CHFMA. I highly recommend this qualification for anyone working or interested in the hospitality industry, as CHFMA, I believe will greatly aid maintain an efficient and effective finance operation as well as overall operations in any hospitality organization”. With the rapid development of the Hospitality industry, increased job opportunities are available in the accounting, finance, audit and management fields for those who undergo the education and training provided under the CHFMA program. The staff of the hotel sector are a key component of the human resource asset of the industry and the development of their skills will support this major expansion.
This will also help the Hospitality industry to build a sustainable pool of qualified accountants and management staff required for the industry.
To join with these accomplished professionals, and power up your career in finance and management accounting in the hospitality industry, contact Mr. Dharshana on 011-4641701-3, Ext 126-, 0778879998 (mobile), or email at: [email protected] More details can also be found on the website:

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