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A Promising Path to Future as a Professional Nurse with SLIIT

SLIIT is one of Sri Lanka’s most well known educational institutions, covering many different subjects ranging from Computing, Business, Engineering, Education, Science, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Biotechnology, Psychology, Nursing, Law, Hospitality & Culinary, and Event Management. The institute’s Faculty of Humanities and Sciences has recently partnered with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and launched their newest program in nursing. Observer Education met with the coordinator of the Nursing program in SLIIT, Chandrika Dasanayake, MA (Edu), BSc (Nursing), Dip (teaching and Supervision in Nursing), for a quick interview.

Tell us a little more about SLIIT’s Nursing programme which offers with the collaboration of LJMU, UK?
Our Nursing program is a higher diploma in Nursing; students who register with the program can go on to do their BSc in Nursing upon completion of the higher diploma. Currently we have one batch but soon we will be recruiting our second batch as well.
What does the program consist of?
The program consists of two components, theory and practical. One of the key component is the theory side of the program which will be conducted by a well educated and well experienced lecture panel, while the practical will be done in a practical skills lab with sophisticated equipment. Once our students become competent with their practical, we send them to a real clinical setting, in hospitals such as Browns Hospitals Ragama and recognized teaching hospitals.
We have signed and MoU with Browns Hospitals and we are opt to sign one with a recognized teaching hospital as well.
When did the program start and what University is it affiliated with?
The program started in February 2019, and is affiliated with LJMU in UK which is one of the highest ranked universities in the country. It is currently among the top 50 universities in the UK.
How recognized is this program?
Apart from the LJMU certification, we have also requested NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) level 6 certification and plan on getting the PHSRC (Private Health Sector Regulatory Council) registration as well.
This program has international standards, due to LJMU have accepted our curriculum and our students can enter the final year of the LJMU BSc program. Once students complete first three years successfully, they will be given certificates.
The LJMU University also monitors our program regularly. Students can also apply to any country because of their LJMU certificate, NVQ certificate and PHSRC registration.
We are currently communicating with a prestigious university in Australia where the students can enroll after the completion of their higher diploma, our students can go to the university and complete their BSc Nursing program there.
For further details, visit or call 0117544801

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