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NSBM Faculty of Engineering: Grooming Graduates towards Industry 4.0

The industry has now evolved into the fourth revolutionary era. Everything is set to be interconnected through worldwide networks via fiber, satellite and wireless technology. Any physical device will be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world, by your fingertips.

In the very near future, you can order your luxury car through your smart mobile phone and you can monitor how it is being produced and even make requestsfor changes while it is in the production line. Through these advanced technologies, customers and the production line become interconnected without human involvement.
NSBM is ready for the new revolution of industry 4.0, offering three newtailor made, degree programs to cater to the requirement of the future industry.
B.Sc. Engineering Honors in Computer System Engineering
B.Sc. Engineering Honors in Computer System Engineering specially targets the following areas in the modern technological domain; Artificial Intelligence, Software and Systems Architecture, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Big Data & Advance Database Management System Design, Cyber Security, Computer & Network System Design, Interactive Simulation and Serious Gamming, Remote sensing and GIS and Embedded Computer Systems.

B.Sc. Engineering Honors in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
This degree focuses on the following specializations; Electrical Power Systems (Generation, Transition, Distribution and Protection), and Electrical Installation Renewable Energy, Control Engineering, Electronics System Design, Telecommunication (Mobile/Wireless/Fiber/Radio/Television and Satellite), Electrical Railway Systems and Automobile Solutions, etc.)

B.Sc. Engineering Honors in Mechatronics Engineering
This programme delves into the following arenas; Robotics, Industrial Automation, Autonomous Vehicle and Train System, Technology for Drones/UAV and Underwater Robots, Embedded System Designing, Medical Instrumentation Development, Manufacturing, Material Processing Technologies and Human Machine Interfacing Technology etc.

Industrial Training and Guidance for Career Path Selection
We have joint hands with foreign and local industries to provide industrial exposure and training in the undergraduate period. Industries specializing in the following disciplines have offered avenues for students in; Computer Systems and Software Design Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Power and Renewable Energy Industry, Defence/Aerospace Research and Technology Development Industry, Port and Aviation Industry, Automobile and Railway Technology Development Industry, as well as Manufacturing/Production Industries. In addition to that NSBM has inhouse incubators and branches of private and public sector companies as well as a technology development center for our own requirements. Graduates are given the opportunity to select their ideal career path with fullest support and guidance of the NSBM CareerGuidance Unit. The Career Guidance Unit brings all the industries on to one efficient platform at the NSBM premises via annual career fairs.
The School of Engineering conducts the following research projects with the consultancy of industrial expertise in collaboration with relevant organizations. NSBM is a generous funder for most of the projectsto cater to the National Requirements of Sri Lanka. We have initiated two Advanced Research Laboratories under the School of Engineering especially for such projects. The main objective of these research laboratories is to setup an environment for undergraduates to develop problem solving skills with the supervision of industries and academic expertise. This will help students to solve problems through a scientific and professional engineering approach.

International collaborations
A special office has been allocated for the student to function themselves with the guidance of professional engineering expertise to expand the scope of professional connectivity through the international engineering domain. This will provide more exposure to modern technology, thinking and professionalism in the field of engineering.

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