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Australasian Academy of Hospitality offers Commercial Cookery

An Australian qualification in Sri Lanka
Are you constantly dreaming about new recipes or putting your own spin on tried-and-tested traditional or International Recipes? Hone those skills and turn your passion in the kitchen into a career – study commercial cookery with Australasian Academy of Hospitality.
This week, we share some top reasons as to why you might consider enrolling in our commercial cookery courses.
The industry is positively booming
For the past few years, the sentiment has been much of the same: chefs are in high demand, Restaurants, hotels, and other related hospitality businesses scramble to find qualified, hard-working and skilled chefs to fill their kitchens and as such, fill seats in their dining spaces!
The drawback, specifically, isn’t quite the numbers of people wanting to become chefs or commercial cooks; rather is that percentage of these who become qualified, completing their relevant studies and obtaining the right qualifications.
Career prospects are plenty around the world
When you enter the commercial cookery industry, you enter an industry ripe for expansion – the only way is up here, and you’ve got plenty of avenues to follow.
Within this department, you can pursue one of three streams – commercial cookery, patisserie, or hospitality management.This means that you can begin your studies and then adjust your pathway as you discover and ignite passions within the industry.
Career outcomes are plentiful, and depending on your qualification, skill and area of work, you could be looking at moving into roles like:
Qualified chef or cook
Chef de partie
Supervisory chef or cook
Function or event manager
Executive or head chef
Food and beverage manager
And so much more!
You can grow your career
In the cooking and hospitality, You fuel your career path – you lay the stones and take the steps you want in order to grow and advance your career.
Once you’ve got your qualification, teamed with real-life work experience in some of the most renowned hospitality facilities, the only way is up!
Work with close knit group of individuals
If you love the buzz of a busy kitchen and are ready to be challenged by some full yet flexible working hours, a career in commercial cookery could be for you. One of the best qualities we hear about time and time again from the industry is the close-knit bond they form with their fellow workmates.Your colleagues quickly become more than just that; they become like family, working with you together, you triumph the highs and lows of a high-pressure commercial kitchen environment. Best of all, you all share a passion for great food and outstanding attention to detail.
You want to turn a passionate hobby in to a career!
One of the most important traits any aspiring chef or cook must have is an innate passion and genuine love for food. Certainly, there will be challenges as you navigate the waters of a commercial kitchen, but your passion will truly see you through, as you discover new ways to conquer problems and come out on top!A passion in the kitchen is the first sign – and often one of the most important reasons – you should consider pursuing a career in commercial cookery. On top of all positives of the industry, you will be gaining a qualification and a skill that will take you to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and the Middle East and the world over with lucrative opportunities.
Start your career journey in Commercial Cookery with Australasian Academy of Hospitality. Call 0766 895 896 or 0761 390 246 for more information and enrolments.

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