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Choose a Higher Education Path for Success After O/Ls

One week more and your GCE O/L Examinations are over! All that hard work studying for endless exams will soon be behind you and freedom will reign! Congratulations! Before you start celebrating after O/Levels, you have some important decisions to make.
Post O/Level time is important as you need to plan your higher education pathway and career decisions which can change the direction of your life.
A practical education pathway after O Levels at ANC
Employers today expect a range of soft-skills which are not delivered by exam-based education systems.
The US curriculum at ANC offers a practical education path that aligns students to the ever changing business world that include workshops, immersive learning with industry experts, practical application of classroom assignments and continuous learning assessments to keep students expanding their knowledge and experiences throughout the degree program.
This practical education gears students to be career-ready by the fourth year of their U.S degree program. Many forward thinking students and parents consider these university programs above A/Levels which deliver superior value.

Take the next step that guarantees success after O/Ls
For the past 18 years, ANC Education in partnership with Northwood University has enabled hundreds of students to succeed after O/levels through their supportive and friendly environment that offers a smooth transition into the U.S degree program.
Northwood University which is accredited by North Central School and Colleges under the Higher Learning Commission, delivers a range of higher education programs in Business, Psychology, Business Analytics, Hospitality management, Cyber security and many more.
Students have the choice of completing the entire U.S degree in Sri Lanka by saving up to 70% of the cost of traveling to US for the same degree.

Students can also join the popular 2+2 US and Canada transfer program to study two years at ANC and transfer to US or Canada to complete the degreeand graduate with the eligibility for OPT work permit (Optional practical training).
Start early to achieve success!
Spending two and a half years preparing for A /Level exams that does not guarantee entry into a state university nor a career pathway means that students fail to achieve their objective with A/levels.
An alternative option to A/levels is the practical higher education pathway at ANC, where Students can join after O/Levels with pending O/L results since O/Levels is equivalent to a High School Diploma in the US, which is the requirement to enter into university.
Many students take advantage of this valuable opportunity to start their degree after O/levels and embark on a pathway for career success. Students and parents are invited to meet our career counsellors on higher education and job opportunities beyond O/Levels. Good university education leads to excellent career opportunities in leading local and international companies.
You will be provided with relevant and up-to-date information about career trends, hot jobs, scholarships, internships and university admission. A wide range of education options, such as Business, IT/Computer Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Psychology, Bio-Medical and Health Sciences will be discussed.
For more information, contact us on 0777449955, visit us at www.ancedu.comor follow us on Facebook: and “ANC_Education” on Instagram.

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