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Adds New Programs in Health and Education for – 2020 ; International Institute of Health Sciences

The International Institute of Health Sciences is beyond doubt reputed for producing well rounded graduates in the fields on Nursing, Physiotherapy, Bio Medical Sciences, Education and Health Administration. IIHS takes pride in delivering education in a student centric environment and over the 18 years of providing outstanding education IIHS has excelled beyond expectation in terms of innovation and remarkable outcomes.
IIHS has predominantly focused on Nursing and Health Education and is currently the most sought-after education institute in Sri Lanka affiliated with well renowned universities in Australia, UK, Finland and Malaysia offering pathway programs leading to many opportunities for registration and to gain employment in the said countries.
Furthermore, as an International University Learning Center IIHS also brings international programs from reputed universities to Sri Lanka thereby offering access to quality education for local and regional students. In 2020, IIHS offers the Bachelors of Psychology (Hons.), Masters in Counselling,Bachelors of Teaching (Primary Education) and Masters in Education for local and regional students. The above mentioned 4 programs are offered by the Open University Malaysia and is delivered entirely in Sri Lanka at IIHS.
Whilst there is a rapid transformation in the surrounding environment and a progressive advancement in technology, the education system in the developing world remains unchanged.
In a country with high literacy levels, it is vital understand the importance of reaching international standards of teaching and education delivery.
Currently, in many parts of the world, a noticeable gap exists between the industry needs and the current outcomes of education. It is imperative to recognize that an educator not only has an effect on the student, but also influences families and communities.
Along these lines, IIHS selectively considered the programs in education to offer the teachers and educationists of Sri Lanka to improve education delivery standards. The said programs focus on understanding learner profiles to provide improved learning outcomes and outputs.
Historically, Sri Lankan teachers have been renowned educationists and been honored for their contribution to the education system of South Asia. IIHS has recognized the need to once again uplift the status of the profession of teaching which will contribute to the very fabric of society.

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.)
If you have an inquisitive mind and want to develop a scientific understanding of the mind, brain, behavior, and experience, then this is the degree for you. The key areas within psychology covered in this program includes Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and more. The Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.) offered by the Open University Malaysia is a premier course designed for high-performing students who are aiming for a professional career in Psychology this curriculum provides adequate modules.
Students who have completed A/L will beconsidered eligible andthe course would be supported through the IIHS Learner Management System (LMS). This degree would create international academic and employmentopportunities. For students who do not meet the required entry requirements in Advanced Levels, a foundation program can be completed at IIHS.
Masters in Counselling
The Master of Counselling program from Open University Malaysiais designed to meet the needs of those who are interested in pursuing their studies at higher level in the area of counselling. This program is also aimed to produce graduates with professional skills and knowledge in counselling and to train more qualified counsellors according to international standards. This 2 year course is aimed at bachelor degreeholders who wish to up skill themselves by acquiring with relevant education incounselling and an interest in updating their knowledge.The course is delivered exclusively througha digital education platform the Lerner Management System (LMS) availed by IIHS, also face to face class room education which is a hybrid method, creating foreign pathways for higher education and foreign employment.

Bachelors of Teaching (Primary Education)
This course focuses on school teachers educating children from Grade 1 to Grade 12.There are various levels of teachings that a primary educator can go through and IIHS offers this certification availing your confidence to take up the role as a primary teacher with a qualification. Program delivery is on weekends which is beneficial for teachers who are currently employed. The program is available for students that have sat for Advanced Levels and also for existing teachers. This 3 year degree, offered by the Open University Malaysia, though delivered face to face, is also available on the IIHS digital education platform – the Lerner Management System (LMS). Upon completion

students would get an opportunity to complete a Masters program locally or internationally.

Master of Education
Due to the current shift towards knowledge-based economy, there is a growing demand for highly-educated teachers or educational leaders to manage schools and institutions more effectively. In line with this demand, the Master of Education is designed to produce graduates who have wide education knowledge and skills to function as effective teachers, education officers or lecturers in educational institutions.This 2 year course from Open University Malaysia, is delivered exclusively through a digital education platform the Lerner Management System (LMS) availed by IIHS, also face to face class room education which is a hybrid method, creating foreign pathways for higher education and foreign employment. The Master of Education is especially suited for teachers, school principals, college lecturers and other education personnel who wish to equip themselves with up-to-date knowledge and specialized skills for continuous personal and professional enhancements.

IIHS Learner Management System
Merging with advance technology and adopting the most innovative mechanisms appropriatefor education the Learner Management System (LMS) enables students to practically apply the knowledge gained in the classroom.
IIHS has recognized the cognitive, social and emotional learning benefits that students experience through the LMS, which is the most innovative and novel educational delivery method via technology. The IIHS LMS has been an award-winning project that redefined Digital Education in Sri Lanka.
CEO, Founder and Director Academic of IIHS, Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe states, “We bring these new programs in Health and Education to Sri Lanka to create opportunity for Advanced level students, health care professionals and Educationists. During their time at IIHS, we ensure that each student not only completes their academic challenges, but also engages in research and community projects to produce well-rounded students. In addition, for working professionals, we ensure a flexible learning opportunity with the “Work, Study, & Family”” concept. Being a premier leader in the higher education industry and with multiple reputed international university affiliations, we also introduce to you the IIHS Global Multiversity for 2020 where we will also offer a range of programs from the non-health sector too”.

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