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CA Sri Lanka Awards 158 Scholarships to top Achievers

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) awarded scholarships to 158 outstanding students in the country, including the highest achievers at the 2018 GCE Advanced Level examination, to kick start a career in chartered accounting.
At the Annual Scholarship Awarding Ceremony held on Friday, CA Sri Lanka awarded scholarships under several categories, including the GCE Advanced Level Island Top Ten scheme, GCE Advanced Level District 1st Scheme, L. A. Weerasinghe Memorial scheme and the Business Level Trainee scheme among several others.
The event was held under the patronage of Mr. Ranel T. Wijesinha, Past President of CA Sri Lanka and Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC), Mr. Jagath Perera, President of CA Sri Lanka, Mr. B. R. L. Fernando, Chairman of the CA Foundation and Mr. Asoka Jayasinghe, Alternate Chairman of the CA Foundation.
Delivering the welcome speech, Mr. Perera highlighted the value of the CA qualification which is offered with components encompassing skill development and practical experience. He said that the CA qualification assures employability at all levels, depending on the competency level of the student.
“The Certified Business Accountant (CBA) is the lowest level in the qualification, and the Chartered Accountant is the highest level. It is left to you to continue your education and come to the level based on your competency,” he said.
Mr. Perera added that he was certain most of the students who received scholarships will go onto become fully qualified Chartered Accountants, if they remain committed. “With the skills and practical experience gained, you will definitely be above most of the other professional and academic courses available in the country.
You are at the right place and it is left to you to put your effort and get maximum benefit from this program,” he added.
Addressing the students, Mr. Wijesinha said some of the students are beginning a new journey, while some are already midway. “But what is common among all of you is that you are beginning a journey or getting support for a journey you have already begun.
This is a journey which will make you a professional and being a professional is distinctly different to any other activity that you might pursue,” he said.
Mr. Wijesinha also highlighted the importance for students to uphold independence, objectivity, honesty and integrity, when they progress to become professionals. “Independence, objectivity, honesty and integrity are not just words, they are fundamental pillars. If one pillar is weak or brittle, that foundation will one day cave in,” he said.
Eighty one scholarships were awarded under the L. A. Weerasinghe Memorial scheme, while 31 scholarships were awarded under the Business Level Trainee scheme. Another 12 scholarships were awarded under the GCE A/L Island Top Ten scheme, and 20 scholarships were given under the GCE A/L District 1st scheme. Another 10 students received scholarships under the National Conference scheme, while two students each received scholarships under the Sanjaya Bandara scholarship fund and the Qatar Chapter fund.

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