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Front Line of Health Care ,Bachelor of Pharmacy at Monash University Malaysia

There seems to be a false tendency by many to consign the job of a pharmacist as someone who only deals with medicines. This tunnel vision leads people to pigeonhole pharmacists to one single role.
However, there is a broad spectrum of possibilities open to pharmacists, and students of pharmacy programs. The Bachelor of Pharmacy program at Monash University Malaysia exposes aspiring pharmacists to a wide array of possibilities and equips them with multifaceted skills.
The program focuses on three main clusters:
⦁ Enabling sciences – Imparts basic science, human anatomy and physiology knowledge to students via innovative teaching methods.
⦁ Drug delivery – Students master the concept of how drugs assimilate into the body and the pathways involved that lead to drug action and cure.
⦁ Pharmacy practice – Students are trained on how to optimise patient therapy through integrated modules to suit individual needs.
Students also have to complete clinical attachments in community pharmacies, primary and tertiary health care centres/hospital. Clinical attachments are the practical implementation of knowledge and concepts taught. It allows students to observe the role of the pharmacist in direct patient care and equip them with better clinical decision-making skills when they enter the workforce.
Through integrated teaching modules, virtual learning and embedded research modules, the Bachelor of Pharmacy program ensures that each graduate is equipped with essential and advanced skills to lead the change in any healthcare system.
In the research module, students will have the opportunity to be involved in the ongoing clinical and lab-based projects. There are also elective modules where students will perform systematic reviews and meta-analysis, as well as review research papers published as far back as 50 years. They can then identify and bridge gaps within the scientific literature and find solutions to problems based on advanced statistical analysis.
Meta-analysis is the process of assessing/comparing the clinical efficacy of drugs. As we know, there is a myriad of medicines for any single ailment. Doctors and patients are faced with ‘selection hypertension’ these days, with the infinite choices of drugs available.
Take Panadol, for instance. It is not the only pain killer out there. There are many more that come in different dosage forms, strength and combination. Students conduct a meta-analysis to perform a statistical comparison of two or more intervention/drugs and subsequently come to the conclusion if drug A or drug B is better.
Besides working for pharmaceutical organisations, there is a wide array of careers that students can pursue. For those wanting to gain an in-depth understanding of medicine, they can choose to continue their postgraduate studies. The entrepreneurial can establish community pharmacies and contribute to the Malaysian healthcare system.
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