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A Globally Recognised Teaching Qualification at ACBT

Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is an internationally recognised UK qualification for teaching, designed by University of Cambridge ESOL examinations and awarded by Cambridge Assessment English, a part of the University of Cambridge. This modular based qualification is suitable for teachers at any stage of their career: experienced teachers who need an international certification
teachers who are keen to improve their personal teaching profile
university lecturers
those who aspire to be teachers
The flexible structure of the test, its assessment format and its affordability are unique features of the TKT exam that other international teaching qualifications do not provide.

TKT consists of 5 modules:
Background to Language Teaching
Language Lesson Planning
Managing Language Lessons
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
Teaching Young Learners (YL)
Candidates can take one, several or all 5 modules of the test at a sitting and all test takers receive a certificate from Cambridge Assessment English, UK for each module they take, with a band score for their performance. The tests consist of Multiple Choice Questions only and do not require candidates to write extensive answers in English or do not include any practical sessions.
Specialised TKT modules serve specific purposes. CLIL refers to teaching subjects in the English medium and is ideal of international school teachers and university lecturers who deliver their respective subjects in the English medium to students whose native language is not English. TKT YL is exclusively for teachers who teach in the primary or nursery levels.
English Department of Australian College of Business and Technology (ACBT), with its many years of experience in delivering international English proficiency examinations and training candidates to succeed in these exams, excels in its TKT program as well. As an Authorized Test Centre of Cambridge Assessment English; UK , all 5 TKT modules can be taken at ACBT every month and a qualified panel of lecturers guides the candidates who need preparation and practice for the test. Preparation courses are conducted every month on a regular basis for the 5 modules of the test. In addition, to facilitate teachers who are interested in obtaining an international teaching qualification for their personal and professional development during the upcoming school vacation, a series of short TKT training programs is conducted in December.
For more information about the programs, contact ACBT on 0112 565 511, or 0770 312 374; visit our campuses at 442, Galle Road, Colombo 3, 32 C, Dickman’s Road, Colombo 5, Galle or Kandy ; or write to us on [email protected]

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