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Stand Out With a Diploma From MSI ;Your Gateway to Global Education

The Management & Science Institute (MSI) offers students a multitude of Diploma Programs in a wide variety of subjects and provides students an option of continuing their degrees at Colombo, MSU Malaysia or at any of their partner Universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Japan. MSI is a registered institute under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) in Sri Lanka.
The Management and Science institute is fully administrated and affiliated by Management and Science University Malaysia, which is 541st QS world ranked University, top 100 young Universities and top 300 employability in the world by QS word ranking. MSI students can complete their Diploma to Degree and MBA at MSI Colombo or Main University in Malaysia or various partner Universities worldwide including, Australia, UK, Japan and Germany. MSU is a commonwealth listed university and recognised by the UGC and SLMC in Sri Lanka. Rated as an “Excellent University” by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia and accredited by the Accreditation Services for International Colleges UK, MSU aspires to providing holistic academic standards relevant to the needs of the industry and meet global expectations, whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards.
The Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management is one of the most popular programs at MSI. The Hospitality and Tourism management diploma will serve as a step forward for anyone who plans to develop a career in the tourism industry. Conducted over two years, the diploma program combines the disciplines of Hospitality, Tourism and Management. It offers students a step towards being competent and experienced professionals in the industry. The course covers areas, such as the background of the industry, Front office management, Housekeeping, Food services, Restaurant operations, Tourism planning and Marketing.
The Diploma in Biomedical science is another popular program at MSI, offering students the opportunity to start working towards a career in the medical or any of the health science fields. The program will provide students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to contribute to future progress in the biomedical field. Graduates will be able to continue their education in medicine, health sciences, and dentistry in various Universities worldwide.
The Diploma in Business Management is structured to reflect the changing business world and crafted in conjunction with industry leaders to provide a firm foundation in business knowledge and practice.
The Diploma in Business Management from MSI is designed to develop students to master, handle and meet the demands of the future business industry, equipping them to function more effectively as leaders in a business-driven economy. The program provides students with concepts, frameworks, analytical, problem solving and research skills to enable them to operate confidently and effectively in a global environment characterised by constant change and requiring flexible and innovative responses at a professional level.
The Diploma in Event Management offered by MSI is yet another popular program at MSI. It is designed for individuals who wish to follow a career in organising events in either private or government institutions.
The diploma program is a useful step for anyone who is looking into careers with hotels, event organisers, and travel operator.
The course is conducted over a period of two years and offers students the unique opportunity to explore the different disciplines of events and management. Graduates of the programme will learn to competently handle the common event practices and also act as supervisors and managers who provide advice on routine decision making processes of the job scope.
For further information on programs offered by MSI or transfer options, visit Management and Science Institute(MSI) at No.300 Galle Road, Colombo 3 or call us on Tel: 011 257 6900 / 011 257 6700 Hot line 077 0777 880 or email [email protected] or

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