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ANC Education Launches Partnership With University of Wollongong, Australia

To celebrate the partnership between UOW and ANC, a launch was held at the Cinnamon Grand on October 30. The event was attended by Prof. Christian Ritz – Associate Dean for Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, UOW, Mr. Peter Murray – International recruitment Manager -UOW, Mr. Kanishka Padidilian, Business Development Manager Austrade, Mr. P. Saravanan – Director/ Group CFO ANC Education, Mr. Mohomed Naufaloon – Academic Head Australian programs ANC, as well as representatives from ANC, members of the media and well-wishers.
“Today is an important event as it celebrates the hand of friendship between ANC and UOW, while launching an exciting new product to the education industry in Sri Lanka,” Mr. Naufaloon stated. He explained that while the relationship has commenced in 2016, the event today would honour and celebrate the partnership and its development.
The event celebrated the launch of the Sri Lanka’s first 2+2 Engineering pathway. This pathway allows students to complete the first two years in Sri Lanka, before transferring to Australia for the rest of their studies. Students could choose from Engineering majors, such as: Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Civil, Mechatronics, etc.
UOW& Rankings
Prof. Christian Ritz explained that UOW is a university that takes pride in endeavoring to change the world. “We are a relatively young university and that makes us more dynamic” he said. He also stated that UOW is currently in the top 50 under 50 rankings and is also ranked extremely high, according to the Times Higher Education rating, being in the top 150 in the world.
It was stated that UOW is in the top 1% of university employability rate. “At UOW, students receive a world class education from academics and practitioners, that make the students easily employable”.
He explained that as a member of the group of 8, UOW also has a strong research focus. “The research we do informs the teachers, making sure that state-of the-art education is delivered.”
The ANC Australian Foundation & Diploma Programs
the Australian Foundation Program is a tailor-made study program for students after O/Levels as it provides students with guaranteed entry to 21 leading Australian Universities on successful completion of the program.
Priced at only Rs. 290,000, it is currently the most cost-effective Australian Foundation Program in the country. Furthermore, its wide acceptance ensures that students have no shortage of options to select from.
The 10-month program prepares students for the degree program of their choice at a leading Australian university.
The Australian Diploma priced at only Rs. 345,000 Plus Taxes, equivalent to the first year of a bachelor degree in Australia, provides students after A/L guaranteed entry to 10 Australian universities.
The Australian Foundation Program provides student after O/Levels a guaranteed pathway to start either the Diploma program at UOW College or the 1st year at UOW in the streams of Business, Engineering and IT.
The students who join the Australian Diploma right after A/Levels, have the unique advantage to get guaranteed entry in to the first year at bachelor’s degree in Business, Engineering and IT at UOW.
Moreover, ANC Education in partnership with UOW has recently introduced the 2+2 Engineering pathway to Sri Lankan students with the most cost-effective Engineering pathway in Sri Lanka.
“The special 2+2 engineering program offered only at ANC, is a unique program.
Through this, almost 50% of the total fee gets waived off. This is an invaluable opportunity for our students,” stated Mr. Saravanan.
He also explained that the visa success rate of students enrolling through the program is very high.
Mr. Saravanan also said that the partnership between UOW and ANC has been very successful since its commencement.
“There was no hesitation that UOW should be the partner for this special program,” he said.
Success of Sri Lankan students at UOW
“Sri Lankan students have a special relationship with UOW. They fit in extremely well and even go on to become student representatives, which is extremely rare for international students,” Mr. Murray said. He said that Sri Lankan students excel in their studies and also maximize on the student’s experience.
“We have many scholarships available, including a guaranteed scholarship program for Sri Lanka. This ranges from under graduate to doctoral level,” he said.
A milestone in Sri Lanka Australia Partnership
“Education is a primary area in Sri Lanka Australia trade,” Mr. Padidilian – Business Development Manager Austrade said.
Quoting the latest statistics, he said that at any given moment, there are over 12,000 Sri Lankan students studying in Australia. He said that there is a 25% growth in numbers.
It was therefore reiterated by the dignitaries’ present, that the partnership while being a milestone in the Sri Lanka-Australia Partnership, will also open doors to students who dream of becoming an Engineer in Australia.

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