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Rethinking Leadership for Education

Ameer Ahamed – CEO Franklin Covey Sri Lanka & Maldives delivers Keynote Address on “Enovate Education Symposium”
Islanders Education Group in Maldives conducted the Annual Education Symposium for 2019 titled as “Enovate Education Symposium”. This annual symposium is conducted for their teachers and academic staff with the main aim of contributing towards the professional development of teachers by sharing best practices which will nurture the value of learning from one another and create a learning community.
The Chief Guest for the Enovate Education Symposium was Dr. Abdulla Rasheed Ahmed, the Minister of State for Education for the Maldives.During his speech, he emphasised the importance of continuous improvement in the education sector and to enovate new ways in teaching.
He also shared the Maldivian Government’s initiatives taken to improve education as a long-term strategy.Mr. Ameer Ahamed, CEO & Principal consultant for FranklinCovey Global in Sri Lanka & the Maldives was invited to deliver the keynote address at this conference. The theme of the keynote address was on “Rethinking Leadership in the Education Sector”. During this keynote address, he spoke on the need for a complete paradigm shift in the education sector with an approach towards preparing the children to be future ready with the much needed 21st Century life skills. These 21st Century life skills have been developed by FranklinCovey in a systematic process to be internalised in schools and higher educational institutes in a process called “The Leader in Me”.
What is Leader in Me ?
Leader in Me (LiM) is an evidence based, comprehensive whole-school improvement model—developed in partnership with educators—that empowers students with the leadership and life skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.
Leader in Me is more than just another program; it serves as a foundational operating system able to celebrate and encourage each school’s unique priorities, initiatives and culture. When implemented with excellence, Leader in Me redefines what it means to be a high-performing school in the 21st century.
Middle school students experience a phase of self-discovery as they learn to develop relationships with peers and make responsible decisions. Leader in Me Schools establish a culture of social-emotional learning that helps every middle school student build self-confidence and discover their true potential while pursuing academic excellence. Leader in Me helps staff create an uplifting and empowering environment that addresses social-emotional learning by developing 21st Century skills found in the Student Leadership Portrait.
Leader in Me helps schools create well-rounded learners by developing the whole-person and preparing students to become life-ready leaders.

It unites students, staff, and families around a common goal to prepare students with college, career and life-readiness skills that are necessary to thrive in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced environment.
Today Leader in Me has become a model that undergoes continual improvement, based on feedback from educators around the world, as well as the evolving needs of the education sector.
Each year, educators from Leader in Me Schools gather together for training and discussion around new advancements to improve the model and process to ensure better, more transformation results.
The Leader in Me helps students develop the skills and self-confidence they need to lead their lives and succeed in school and beyond. We at FranklinCovey Education serve K–12 and higher education through training, coaching, materials and culture-transformation processes.
These offerings integrate principles of leadership and effectiveness into a school’s curriculum, empower faculty and staff members and prepare students for success in academics and in life.
Our solutions are designed to help young people meet the challenges of tomorrow and make a distinctive contribution to the world.

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