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MBA & PH. D from MSU;Transferring Lives, Enriching Future

Management and Science University (MSU) is 541stQS World Ranked University in Sri Lanka, which is one of leading universities in Malaysia that established its learning center in Colombo. MSU is gaining prominence as a provider of quality education in the Asian region in the areas of Hospitality and Tourism, Medicine, Health sciences, Life sciences, Information sciences and Business management. Geared towards academic excellence, providing academic programs of international repute is the mainstay of MSU’s existence. It is now well – positioned to be one of the leading universities in Malaysia, providing industry relevant Diploma, bachelor’s degree and Postgraduate courses up to PhD and other research disciplines.
The Postgraduate programs offered by the MSU include:
■ Master of Business Administration (MBA)
■ Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at Malaysian Campus, the areas of research are International business, E- commerce, HRM, Marketing, ICT, MI, Multimedia technology, Accounting & Finance, Business Computing, Strategic management & Globalisation & Customer Relationship Management.
Dr. W.M.K.G.A. Wickramasinghe
The Open University of Sri Lanka.
Reading for a PhD within 3 years was one of my objectives in my life. Therefore, I selected MSU as the right institution and completed the PhD program as scheduled. Well planned program schedule of MSU and superior Academic’s guidance locally as well as in Malaysian context help me immensely to complete the program. My PhD thesis was “Antecedents of Job Satisfaction and Intention to Quit”. New concepts, such as Psychological Empowerment, Psychological Capital and Employee Engagement were the Independent Variables having nine dimensions.
Thank You MSU for world class knowledge.
Dr.Jude Fernando
I am so fortunate to follow the doctoral program at MSU because it has provided me an excellent academic environment with high caliber supervisors, lecturers and supporting staffs. I have been guided by a supervisor and a co-supervisor fitting into my criteria and my style of work, due to which I have been able to complete the PhD on Time.
The world class knowledge received through MSU-doctoral program has supported me to achieve my career goals and to make me more confident & comfortable in my work. Ultimately, I must thank MSU for providing me this lifelong learning.
Dr. Suneth Pathirana
Let me express my heartiest feeling regarding the university which offered me a recognised PhD and share some experience with you. MSU was the ideal place to fulfil my requirement.
A PhD is a requirement for the confirmation and promotion of my job career (I am a university lecturer at a Sri Lankan state university).
The PhD offering university must be a recognised one by the University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka.
Since MSU Malaysia meets that requirement, I can recommend MSU for Sri Lankans who are planning to enroll to read for a PhD. I am interested in doing scientific research; hence my research area was Brain-Machine Interfacing and Artificial Intelligence.
Both of my research supervisors assigned by MSU were fully competent domain experts in the relevant field of study.
I could complete my PhD with MSU Malaysia on time due to well-organised degree program management with expertise and knowledge adequate for providing the proper guidance for MSU PhD candidates.
Dr. A. Haleem
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
My PhD research mainly focused on Accounting Information System in an ERP environment. I still find exciting to be able to do data analysis with structural equation modelling in AMOS. Secondly, with my supervisor who has wide range of experiences and expertise, it was able to apply the research methodology properly in my thesis and publish it in a journal. During the beginning phase of my thesis, he gave me detailed guidance on how to write a research paper and how to publish it, which was beneficial for an international student like myself. Besides, the writing paper skills I learned from him have also been helpful during my career.
I am grateful of being a student of MSU and proud to call myself a graduate from MSU, MalaysiaManagement and Science University (MSU) offers you a dynamic Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme designed for professionals working in either the private or public sector – or graduates who want to advance their career through an impeccable business program tailored to their needs.
MSU offers students an experiential learning in cross-cultural communications, the opportunity to build a global network and the possibility to create future international career opportunities. Students will have the opportunities to develop management skills and techniques, to obtain strategic orientation and to implement the strategies formulated. These include networking events with industrial leaders, talks by CEOs, industrial visits, management games, case study approaches, video presentations, on-line interaction and many other approaches. It will also help students to develop the skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, strategic management and decision making and train them to become successful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in the most competitive markets. Upon completion of the program, students will have a broad understanding of their specialised areas. MSU offers a Ph.D that qualifies students to a range of positions both in the private and public sector. The PhD program offers an intellectually demanding doctoral program for a small select group of high-potential applicants: men and women who already have a breadth of knowledge in the functional areas of business and who have a strong interest in academic research. The primary aim of the doctoral program is to train students to become an academic researcher capable of contributing on the cutting edge of research in Management, particularly within your area of expertise.
MSU also offers key degree programs that students can complete in Sri Lanka, MSU Malaysia or partner Universities worldwide, including, Australia, UK, Japan and Germany. MSU through their Local Representative, Management & Science Institute (MSI) offers Students a range of Diploma programs which help develop knowledge and skills of students while preparing them to obtain employment or continue their higher studies. MSI offers diploma programs in a wide range of interests, including Hospitality and Tourism Management, Biomedical Science, Event Management, Business Management, Accounting and Dialysis Technology.

Further information on the programs can be obtained by contacting 0112576644, 0112576700, Hot Line 0770777880, email [email protected] or visiting Management & Science Institute (MSI) at, No 300 Galle Road, Colombo 3.

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