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Senior Educators Visit UTS Insearch Sri Lanka ; Quality Teaching and Curriculum Prepared

With Orientation commencing at the new UTS Insearch Sri Lanka College, two senior educators from Sydney will visit Colombo next week to meet staff and students as they prepare for the start of classes.
Ms Sally Payne, Associate Dean of Studies for UTS Insearch, is visiting as part of UTS Insearch’s quality management program, supporting the development of teaching and overseeing the quality of curriculum.
“I am looking forward to collaborating with Principal Alison Hiscox and the College’s teachers to embed the UTS Insearch’s Model of Learning, which focuses on a student-centric approach to teaching and learning,” said Ms Payne.
“We are encouraging students to become active and engaged in their learning experiences, so they are ready to thrive when they enter the second year of their program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).”
Ms Payne has had a wide range of roles in her 20 years of experience with UTS Insearch. She has also been the Program Manager for UTS Foundation Studies and Program Manager for IT. She is the Chair of the Academic Teaching and Learning Committee that analyses the quality of teaching and learning at UTS Insearch, leads Learning Support to ensure the most positive student experience possible, and implements strategies to integrate technology with teaching practices.
Also visiting Colombo is Associate Professor Hussain Rammal from the UTS Business School. He is the Director of the Sydney-based Master of Business Administration (MBA) program and coordinator for the Bachelor of Business – International Business programs.
“Since UTS announced in June that it was opening its new campus in Sri Lanka, there has been a surge of interest from students wanting to study with UTS at all levels – at a pathway, undergraduate and post-graduate level,” said Associate Professor Rammal.UTS Insearch’s programs are designed in collaboration with the UTS faculties, allowing students to fact-track into their second year of university at the end of their diploma (depending on results and the course chosen).
“This will be a wonderful opportunity for me to meet students who are interested in studying business in Sri Lanka, as well as talking to those looking at UTS for postgraduate studies in Sydney.
“We believe in a practical and integrative approach to business education which prepares students for a world that demands a broad range of skills,” said Associate Professor Rammal.
“Once students at UTS Insearch Sri Lanka complete their Diploma of Business, we look forward to welcoming them to UTS in Sydney to continue their studies in areas such as: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and International Business,” he said.
UTS Insearch Sri Lanka is now offering the Diploma of Business, Diploma of Engineering and Diploma of IT, and the UTS Foundation Studies Program (a Year 12 equivalent program) which prepares for entry to all UTS undergraduate courses.
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
UTS is a dynamic and innovative university, ranked 1st as Australia’s top young university in the 2019 QS Top 50 under 50, and is ranked 140th in the world overall – reflecting its strength in employability, research, teaching and internationalisation.
Students who successfully complete their first year at UTS Insearch Sri Lanka can go on to complete their UTS degrees in the heart of Sydney, Australia.
For further information, contact: [email protected] , visit www.insearch.edu.lk or Telephone: 0774 775 774.

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