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ANC Application Week Begins

Over 20 ANC students excel at Acadia University, Canada
For over 26 years, Acadia University has been ranked as one of the top 5 undergraduate universities in Canada. Acadia attracts international students from over 80 different countries to their university, and is highly popular for its affordability, lowest cost of living and offering a 97% employment rate within 3 months of graduation. ANC’s long standing partnership with Acadia University has provided pathways for a large number of ANC students to get transfers to a top 5 ranked university through the 2+2 Canada University Transfer Program where ANC boasts a 97% Canadian visa success rate.
Mr. Liam Dutton, Acting Director, Student Recruitment at Acadia University recently visited Sri Lanka to attend the U.S & Canada University Fair 2019 and had this to say, ‘We have a large number of Sri Lankan students because of the ANC partnership that we have shared for many years. I have met each of the students personally, and I know how happy and successful they are at Acadia excelling in their academics and extracurricular activities.” We interviewed Liam Dutton to find out more information about why Acadia is one of the most popular Canadian universities, here is an excerpt of the interview with Liam.
Q: What is unique about Acadia University?
A: Acadia University is one of the oldest universities in Canada. It was founded in 1838 which makes it the 7th oldest university in the country. It is also one of the smallest universities with about 3,500 students in total and also 24% of the students are international students from over 80 different countries across the world.
Q: What makes Acadia appealing to international students from 80 different countries?
A:We are located in Nova Scotia which is one of the smallest Atlantic provinces in Canada. Nova Scotia has very lenient immigration policies where students can work up to 3 years and is eligible for the ‘Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program’, which is a fast-track immigration program that allows employers in Canada’s four Atlantic provinces to hire foreign nationals for jobs. It is designed to welcome additional newcomers to the Atlantic Canada region to fill the needs of local employers and communities. Nova Scotia has also one of the lowest cost of living in Canada making it a very affordable place to live, work and study.
Q: How does Acadia University support students in work and career opportunities?
A: Acadia has the highest ranked Co-op Program in Canada, for an institute of our size. Its fantastic Co-op opportunities provide international students with hands-on work experience and on average, our Co-op students make $10,000 CAD per Co-op term, and they do 3 of these Co-op terms earning $30,000 CAD. Acadia boosts 97% employment rate within 3 months of graduation, which is an incredibly high percentage and because we are not in the major cities, there is less competition and students are able to get many job opportunities.
Q: What are the academic programs and faculty support offered at Acadia?
A: Acadia has been consistently ranked as one of the top 5 undergraduate universities in Canada and offers over 200 degree combinations. Our main programs would be Business, Accounting, Marketing, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Engineering, Applied Sciences and many others. The power and potential of a smaller establishment, having a smaller class size allows lecturers to be more personal with students allowing for a more tutorial like setting with our professors; one-on-one interaction and to receive research mentoring by highly skilled faculty members. Lecturers also help students when they are struggling and even go with them for a cup of coffee.
Q: How are international students supported at Acadia University?
A: We have worked with ANC Education for a large number of years now and because of that we have quite a healthy number of Sri Lankan students. I work with each of them personally so I know how happy and successful they are at the university. Since we are located in the East coast, it is one of the friendliest places on earth. We have introduced a Buddy system where Freshers are paired with older students who show them the ropes and introduce them to the Canadian culture and life style. We also have a full international student service section that will help in the visa process, help find jobs on-campus and off-campus and support regarding classes, campus activities and guaranteed housing on campus for all 4 years.
At Acadia, we want you to be successful at your academics but we want you to be more successful after graduation. We help facilitate career searches, resume training, interview preparation, career fairs that guarantee success for our students after graduation. Students get a highly ranked top 5-degree qualification at the most affordable rates and also get great job opportunities to pursue their career dreams and reach their fullest potential in a global job market.
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