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SuRaLa Math Calculation Contest and Festival – 2019

As the first E-learning company in Sri Lanka, Next Learners (Pvt) Ltd. has been providing Japanese Math E-Learning program named “SuRaLa Ninja!” since 2015 by collaborating with a leading education technology company “SuRaLa Net Co.,Ltd” in Japan.
These Education and Technology driven set of E learning programs aim to increase math subject related skills of accuracy and speed which eventually improve the mental calculation ability of Sri Lankan students of Grade 1 to Grade 6.
About 20 schools is being benefitted by installing with “SuRaLa Ninja!” improved with latest Japanese technology enabling children to have an independent and personalised learning opportunity. It has become popular in many countries; Indonesia, Philippines, India and in the process of introducing to Egypt.
In developing the contents of “SuRaLa Ninja!” E-learning program, Next Learners (Pvt) Ltd. has commenced SuRaLa Maths Box Calculation Contest (Dalisa Contest) which had only restricted to Colombo District students from Government, Private and International schools until 2018. In 2019, the initiative has taken to hold the contest in a more competitive way by holding in six districts of Sri Lanka by giving access for students from grade 1-6 across the island. The preliminary round of the contest had been held in selected schools in Colombo, Gampaha, Galle, Kandy, Kurunegala and Rathnapura districts. The winners had qualified to participate in the final round of all island contest and SuRaLa Festival, on September 15 from 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm, at the BMICH.
SuRaLa festival had been lighten up with Japanese traditional games, Japanese math card games and Virtual Reality experience for both students and parents of 700. Ms.Darshi Waidyathilake (Assistant Director of Education Department of Mathematics), Ms. Hoshiai Chiharu – First Secretary Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka and Mr. Nandasiri Gamage (Founder of Women’s cooperative Sri Lanka) had attended the event as the chief guests.The series of events had been supported by “Edu-Port Japan”, an authorised Education project by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. Representatives of international, private and public schools in Sri Lanka also presented in the final round of the contest at the BMICH.
SuRaLa Math Calculation Contest – 2019 Champions
100 Box calculation:
1stPlace : G Pinidi Upunya – Yashodara B V, Colombo Thalahena JUKU
2nd Place : Sarasi Bandara – Clifton B V, Colombo
3rd Place : Dilini Pabasari – Akmeemana MW, Galle
50 Box calculation:
1 st Place : Muvindu Demika Liyanage St.anthonys, Kandy
2ndPlace : Sanithu Dinhas Perera – Sumedha College, Gampaha
3rd place: Lithum randula Epa – Mahinda College, Galle

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