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NIBM – Coventry in a Unique Relationship

The National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) now talks with pride of a history of fifty years in the field of higher education and training. The pride that it claims for, is not without a valid rationale behind it. Functioning entirely as a self-financed institute while being a government institute for half a century, is not an easy task. The fifty years of history has not been a matter of sheer survival, but giant leaps of development at regular intervals.
The institute has set up state-of-the-art regional centers throughout the country and the investment that it made in the Green Campus in Pitipana Homagama is a landmark not only in the higher education sector of the country but also in the South Asian region.
The latest addition to NIBM’s diversification portfolio was the opening of the National Innovation center; a dedicated Design School to produce the creative thinkers in the fields of fashion design, interior architecture and other fields of creative thinking. Here the students can begin their academic journey from the foundation programmes to all the way up to earningan internationally recognized degrees offered in affiliation with Limkokwing University of Malaysia.
The eight storied building on Base Line Road Narahenpita also houses the National Data Science Center and fully dedicated one floor as a modern up-to-date Language Hub to learn modern languages.
One of the key factors behind the success of NIBM over the last half a century as a pioneer in the field of higher education, has been the innovations and changes that it brings in to the field of its expertise constantly. The institute’s unique ability to quickly understand the changes in the field of higher education in the global arena has always helped it of offer nothing but the best and the most updated courses to Sri Lankan students. The latest affiliation that NIBM has forged is, with the Coventry University UK, is to offer three new degree programmes; B Sc in Psychology and Counseling, BA in English Studies and BA in English with TESOL. The three new programs will provide a never-before opportunity for the Sri Lankan aspiring professionals and students to read for rare yet globally recognized degrees and become the trailblazers in the country in these fields.

B Sc in Psychology & Counselling:
Psychology as a discipline has discovered new implications and practicalities in the modern world. In the Western and developed world it is now used as a tool for the betterment of the society and the day-to-day lives of the people.
As the busy business world now requires people who are both physically and mentally sound, the need for psychological counselling has been highlighted more than ever before. The corporate giants of the world, leading businesses and almost all layers of the education sector now employ Psychological Counselors to maintain the health of the mind of their staff and students. As the American Psychological Council predicts the world will need more psychological counselors who are specialised different fields such Educational Psychology, Industrial Psychology etc.
As Sri Lanka is geared for a robust growth in the field of business and economic growth, the country will need the guidance of the psychological counselors to build a workforce that is both physically and mentally sound and healthy. The degree B Sc in Psychology (Honours) and Counseling offered by NIBM with collaboration of Coventry University UK brings in a unique global exposure and up-to-date knowledge in the fields of Psychology and Counseling to Sri Lanka. Student who successfully complete the degree will be directed to practical counseling in some of the leading institutes in Sri Lanka and will have the assured prospects of placing themselves as true practioners in the field of Psychological counseling both in the private and public sectors of the country.

Globally recognised English Graduate
‘With an English degree you will never have a problems with employment’; this is nothing but the truth of the matter. With an English degree the choice of employment opportunities that you can opt for ranges from becoming a qualified English Lecturer to being employed in one of the leading international organizations. As Sri Lanka now has a dearth of qualified English teachers, BA in English with TESOL (Honours) offered byCoventry University UK with NIBM will provide an exemplary opportunity for you to become an English graduate with a globally recognized TESOL. The modules of the degree programme have been specially designed to develop an English Teacher who has an in-depth insight into Educational psychology and in applied linguistics (the science of teaching language).
The faculty of the course of study will consist of both foreign and local experts in the fields of applied linguistics and English literature and language. By following the BA in English with TESOl, a students prospects for better employment opportunity as an English Lecturer / Teacher in Sri Lanka or abroad is assured. In the array of the line of globally recognized degrees offered by NIBM in affiliation with the Coventry University Degrees is the BA in English Studies (Honours).
The degree programme offers a unique combination of English language and literature in the syllabi that it produces an English graduate who is well equipped with the language knowledge and skills required for the modern business world.
The Business English modules of the degree program have been designed to groom and develop the graduates to become globally ready to work in any competitive business or academic environment. With the qualification BA in English Studies (Hons.) in one’s CV the choice of selecting a suitable and the most rewarding career will be in the hands of the graduate, not in the prospective employer.

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