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Australian Migration in November 2019 – Career Development Centre Gears for New Challenges

Career Development Centre (CDC), the leading name in Australian migration consultancy wishes to inform hopeful migrants to Australia about a series of important updates which are crucial in achieving their dream of a better life in greener pastures.
Countdown to November 16
The countdown has begun in the lead up to the introduction of the new Skilled Regional visas.The date is November 16, and Australian Immigration has announced further details on the implementation dates for the 491 and 494 visas, and transitional arrangements for Subclass 489 and RSMS visas. All hopeful migrants are advised to get comprehensive knowledge about what the scope of the various categories will offer in terms of opportunities to commensurate with their credentials.

Lodgement deadlines
A very important matter to note is that Australian Immigration advises that the last date to be invited for a Subclass 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa will be September 10, 2019. Therefore the last date to lodge an application based on an invitation under 489 Regional /Family sponsored visa would be November 15, 2019. The deadlines are crucial if you are hoping to make it under the above categories.

Regional area definition
The definition of ‘regional Australia’ will be simplified to include anywhere outside of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Perth. Immigration will provide a list of postcodes to assist applicants to determine whether their area falls into the above metropolitan areas or if it is acceptable for regional migration.
Subclass 491 skilled work regional (provisional) visa
Hopeful migrants are hereby informed that it will be possible to lodge an Expression of Interest for this visa from 16 November 2019, and States/Territories will also be able to nominate and invite applicants from this date.This is designed to replace the Subclass 489 visa, with both the State/Territory and Family sponsored pathways available. This visa will be valid for 5 years, with a number of compliance conditions including the requirement for all family members to live, work and study only in a designated regional area, and to notify Immigration of any reportable changes within 14 days. Immigration can also ask visa holders to provide evidence of their activities or attend an interview. Failure to comply with these conditions can lead to visa cancellation and/or loss of a pathway to permanent residency. Therefore compliance with the requirements is essential if you wish to make this category your pathway to greener pastures.
All hopeful migrants under this category are advised to take note of the following key points with regard to requirements. The major features of this visa which if granted is for a five year period, is as follows:

New conditions to be imposed on all visa holders, including:
⦁ Condition 8578 – Notify Immigration within 14 days of any change to the visa holder’s residential address, email address, phone number, passport details, address of employer, or address or location of a position where they are employed;
⦁ Condition 8579 – Must live work and study only in a designated regional area listed at the time the visa was granted;
⦁ Condition 8580 – If requested, provide evidence to Immigration within 28 days after the date of request of any or all of their: residential address, address of each employer, address of each location of each position employed, or address of an education institution they are attending;
⦁ Condition 8581 – If requested, attend an interview with Immigration.
⦁ Condition 8608 -Imposed on the primary visa holder which will require them to not cease employment with their sponsor for more than 90 days among other things. This is effectively the same as visa condition 8607 which applies to primary 482 visa holders.

Permanent residency pathway
For those who are looking towards a longer term plan with the hope of getting permanent residency the Subclass 191 – Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa category must be looked into with great attention. This category will be available from 16 November 2022.
The delay in its introduction is because no applicants will be eligible until at least the above date.
Migrants who hold a Subclass 491 visas must remain on these visas in a regional area for at least 3 years before they can be considered for any other skilled visa.
This includes applications for other GSM visas 189/ 190, Employer Nomination Scheme and Business visas. In addition, applicants are barred from applying for an onshore Partner visa until the 3-year residence requirement is met.
In order to be eligible for the Subclass 191 Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa, applicants must meet the 3-year residence requirement, along with evidence that they have earned a minimum taxable income for three years as the holder of a regional provisional visa (amount to be confirmed) and have complied with the conditions of their 491 or 494 visa.
With greatly reduced visa application charges, and no second visa application charge for applicants who are at least 18 with less than functional English (this already applied to 491 and 494 visa applications), to make a valid application, primary applicants must have held a regional provisional visa (491 or a 494 visa) for at least 3 years. Any secondary applicants must make a combined with the primary visa applicant.
If a combined application has been made, only one applicant must satisfy the primary criteria, which means partners of the original primary 491 or 494 visa holders can step in to meet the primary criteria if needed.

Amended gsm point test
The current GSM points test will be updated on 16 November, giving Skilled Visa applicants’ additional points as follows:
⦁ Nomination by state or territory government or sponsorship by an eligible family member to reside and work in a specified/designated area – 15 points (currently 10)
⦁ A Masters degree by research or a Doctorate degree from an Australian educational institution that included at least two academic years in a relevant STEM field – 10 points (currently 5)
⦁ Partner skill qualifications – 10 points (currently 5)
⦁ Partner with competent English but not eligible for Partner skill qualifications points – 5 points(currently nil)
⦁ Single applicants (no partner – unmarried / divorced / independent ) – 10 points (currently nil)

Crucial advice by CDC
All hopeful applicants are advised to take serious note of the following key points in order to lodge a successful EOI.
We suggest that applicants must focus on finalising their EOI s targeting the preferred region (s) and finalisation of the required documents for the state nomination process as swiftly as possible. You may consult us about the lead documents that are required for the next stages and we have fixed the final date to receive finalized documents as November 10, 2019 in order to prepare applicants for the November 16 competitive application process. If it is not possible to submit an application by this date, your next intake would be on July 1, 2020. Therefore start planning your documents and finances as soon as possible to ensure no shortage of funds or lapse of documents when the time arrives to lodge.
Immigration’s Skill Select and State Nomination quotas might reset on November 16, opening up places in the Subclass 189, 190, and 491 (State or family Nominated) visa streams. Obtaining an invitation for the 189 visa would be more competitive than ever, so potential applicants should look to lodge an Expression of Interest as soon as possible.
States will also review their occupation lists on 16th November and some may only remain open for a short period of time, therefore it is to your advantage to be organised and ready to submit an EOI for a 190 or 491 visas in time. This means gathering the required documents; skill assessments, qualifications, identity documents, and employment references. Don’t leave sitting for the English test until the last minute, as there may be a delay for an examination appointment due to increasing the number of potential applicants for this intake.
Regional Nomination documents and EOI data pre- verification process prior to the lodgement
CDC has been the first and foremost migration consultancy in Sri Lanka to offer online migration advisory services. An exclusive web page launched addressing the November 2019 GSM policy reforms.
This exclusive web page for November 16 process willprovide you a comprehensive demo about how to do asuccessful nomination application lodgement accurately and log in to for more details.
The CDC with its committed team of professionals under the leadership of its directress and senior migration consultant Unee Samanthika Pathirage, assures all hopeful migrants that the best possible service to make their pathway to Australia is ready at hand at the CDC.
With a pledge to provide quality service with unmatched efficiency and transparency every step of the process, the CDC always believes that the success of the company is in ensuring their valued clients to realise their dreams.
The CDC staff wishes all hopeful applicants the best of luck in the process of making their dreams come true in reaching greener pastures for a bet

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