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CHFMA Professional Program Opens Doors to Global Career in Tourism, Hotel Industry

Sri Lanka’s hospitality industry is a key driver of economic growth in the island. With the rapid growth of the hospitality industry, new hotels and restaurants are opening their doors not just in Sri Lanka but all over the world – proof that the hospitality industry will continue well into the future.
A common misconception is that the hospitality industry is limited to hotels and restaurants. In fact, this global industry offers hospitality graduates a vast array of job opportunities across the world. While high-end hotels and restaurants provide rewarding career pathways, the reach of hospitality is far broader. Hospitality is really the business of delivering experiences and the demand for hospitality professionals is widespread and growing fast. The rise of the hospitality industry has created new multifaceted career opportunities for aspiring hospitality professionals.
The Hospitality industry needs its accounting and finance community – a key component of the human resource asset of the industry to brace itself to support this major expansion.
The Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (CMA), a body Incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 23 of 2009 and Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM), a Government Body under the Ministry of Tourismhave joined hands to launch the program of Certified Hospitality Finance and Management Accountancy professional qualification for the first time and thereby to provide an opportunity for the management teams in the hospitality industry to acquire a relevant professional qualification enabling them to enhance their skills and knowledge and thereby improve significantly their contribution to support the growth of the industry.
CMA and SLITHM are confident, that, with this collaboration, the necessary skills in the Finance and Management Accounting field will be professionalised and expanded in the hospitality industry.
Through the conduct of this professional qualification CHFMA, all those currently employed in the hospitality industry at different levels in the financial and management accounting sector will be provided with the opportunity to obtain a professional qualification specialising in the Hospitality Industry where they will be able to develop the knowledge and skills of those in the accounting and allied fields. This will help the Hospitality industryin its rapid growth and development to build a sustainable pool of qualified management staff required for the industry.
Why should you select CHFMA?
• It is the only professional qualification for Hospitality Finance and Management Accounting in Sri Lanka.
• Ability to get an opportunity to work as Professional Managers in Hospitality Finance and Management Accounting arena.
• Affordable cost.
The CHFMA program is conducted at the SLITHM premises in Colombo in Sundays.
CHFMA membership requires completion of CHFMA examinations and a three-year practical experience as per the Practical Training guide, in the hospitality industry and Viva Voce. Those successful will be identified as members who are qualified Professional Accountants in the Hospitality Industry with the designation “ACHFMA” for Associates and those with a minimum of 5 years senior executive experience after obtaining ACHFMA to be designated “FCHFMA” for Fellows showing their commitment to high ethical standards, professional values and lifelong learning or continuing professional development.
At CHFMA, we provide hospitality professionals with the right skillset and knowledge, so that they can look forward to a diverse choice of international careers in the industry of hospitality.
Contact Dharshana on 077 887 99 98 or [email protected] for more information.

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