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SLITHM Promotes Service Quality Training for Tourism, Hospitality Industry

Having trained over 100 Tourism Ministry internal customers, SLITHM led by Chairman Dilip De Silva has ventured into the hotel industry to promote service quality among internal customers. The first Customer Focussed Service Quality program was conducted at Hilton Residences for 24 middle and senior staff from cross sections of the hotel. The one day program was well received by the participants and the feedback received were encouraging requesting for similar training in the future. Once again Chairman SLITHM Mr. Dilip De Silva was supported by SLITHM Faculty
Mr. Dheera Hettiarchi and Mr. Anura Alahaperuma.
The highlights of the one day program was selecting the best smiling group and the Advanced Food and Beverage Service techniques demonstrated by SLITHM Chairman Dilip De Silva who is London City & Guild Institute Gold Medallist in Food & Beverage Service. Flaming Liqueur coffees, Flambé desserts including “crepe suzettes A la Orange” and mixed fruit Flambé’ were the order of the day!
“The Customer Focused Service Quality program conducted by SLITHM was well organised; participants were very impressed with how the theoretical knowledge was translated into usability in the field; comprehensive and professional program and recommend to all hospitality organisations,” said Hilton Residences Human Resources Director Ms. Venya Jayasekera.
“We hope to continue this series of workshops to all star class hotels in Colombo as well as in other districts. The Tourist Hotels Association of Sri Lanka (THASL) has agreed to join with SLITHM to jointly issue certificates to industry participants,” the SLITHM Chairman said. Hotels that are interested to receive SLITHM specialised training programs customised to individual enterprises can contact either Mr. Dheera Hettiarchi on 0718036635 or Mr. Anura Alahaperuma on 0718108387 for more information. SLITHM promotes internal customer service among Tourism Ministry employees
Leading from the front, SLITM Chairman Mr. Dilip De Silva had initiated and conducted Customer Focussed Service Quality training for over 100 employees of the Tourism Development, Wildlife and Christian and Religious Affairs Ministry. Participants were drawn from SLITHM Colombo and eight provincial schools, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB), Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority ((SLTDA) Sri Lanka Convention Bureau (SLCB), Sri Lanka Tourist Police and Ministry headoffice staff.The program content covered all aspects of service, including personalised service, handling customer complaints, communication processes (verbal and non verbal), moments of truth, satisfying internal and external customer needs etc. During the training, participants were engaged in video presentations, group activities, role plays etc.
The SLTHM Chairman was supported by SLITHM Lecturers Mr. Dheera Hettiarchi, Mr.AnuraAlahaperuma, Assistant Director Marketing Mr. SagaraKulasinghe and Management assistants, Ms. Kokila Sewwandi and Ms.Tilini Fernando. “We hope to continue this series of workshops until the end of the year and all participants will be presented with a certificate of competence,” SLTHM Chairman Mr. Dilip De Silva said.

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