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Celebrating a Legacy of Learning, Wisdom and Excellence at Royal International School

Royal International School is a vibrant community of students and educators dedicated to the pursuit of scholarship, learning, and creativity since 1991. As the premier international school in the Wayamba district, RIS is committed to empowering the students of today with the knowledge, confidence, and skills that will make them formidable individuals. Moreover, the unequivocal commitment given to students at RIS is intended to cultivate truly world-class individuals, who achieve future success for themselves and in turn shape a better world. To ensure this, Royal International School offers its students a unique mix which includes state-of-the-art facilities, professional educators with years of experience and a carefully curated curriculum, backed by a track record of success. RIS’s forward-looking approach to learning ensures all teachers are consistently up-to-date, so they are able to mould truly world-class scholars with a passion for learning and accomplishment.
At RIS, learning is progressive, with a well-rounded culture that goes beyond the classroom. This gives students a truly interactive experience that prepares them for the challenges of life after school and the real world. RIS has full-fledged laboratory facilities, which give students a more practical and interactive learning experience. The school’s state-of-the-art IT facilities prepare students for the digitally driven world of the future and there is also plenty of opportunity for participating in extracurricular activities. In fact, one of the key objectives at RIS is the creation of well-rounded individuals who develop and mature physically, emotionally and spiritually.
To accomplish this, a lot of thought, understanding and planning go into the school’s curriculum. Personalised attention is given to every pupil. This is accompanied by proper guidance, which will support every stage of a child’s development ensuring the student’s potential is fully realised. To achieve this a wide range of staff, all of whom are experts in their respective disciplines, give students individual attention. Great care is taken to encourage a child’s specific talents and this is done by providing students with the support and resources essential for developing their special abilities. Other support facilities like a well-stocked library, modern equipment, leading-edge technology, and spacious learning areas ensure students have access to all the resources they need to excel.
RIS also incorporates best practices from around the world so as to ensure students receive a well-rounded education. The school currently offers internationally recognized examinations such as Person Edexcel IGCSE and IAL. These internationally renowned syllabuses expose young minds to a world of knowledge and learning which gives them access to more opportunity while building character and filling them with confidence to face the future. All staff including teachers, coaches, trainers, and technicians are as extraordinarily talented as they are dedicated and have been carefully chosen for their individual roles. The staff come with years of teaching experience and make sure students are exposed to a diverse educational experience, administered with individual attention and personalised care. RIS advocates for greater social awareness and consistently works towards promoting an ethos of responsibility, sustainability, humanity and diversity in creating more open-minded students of exceptional character and intellect.
The merits of these measures are evident in the results obtained over the years with numerous students of RIS qualifying to enter prestigious universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia and beyond. Over the years quite a few of RIS’s students have achieved outstanding academic success at the school, university, and research levels. Heshana Santhush Ariyaratne, a past pupil of RIS had this to say about his school experience; “with a mindset fixed on flying abroad, I was able to grasp my lifelong dream with the help of Edexcel. As a former student of Royal International School, I completed both my Ordinary level and Advanced level in the Edexcel syllabus which helped me walk on a pathway that led me to Monash University, which is currently ranked in the world’s top 1 percent. Currently pursuing a double degree, in both business and arts, I was able to adapt easily to the International System of education mainly because I had the primary knowledge and practice in Kurunegala, at Royal International School. It was a worthwhile journey that bonded me with life-long friends and experiences I cherish till this day.” Heshana currently holds a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (Double Degree).
RIS continues to illuminate young minds with the awareness, ambition, and aptitude to self-assuredly take on the challenges of a brave new world. The pursuit of knowledge will continue with the acceptance of a fresh batch of scholars who will soon take their place among the student body at RIS and in doing so they take the first step towards extraordinary success.

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