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Northwood University offers cutting-edge STEM-Business Mix Degree Programs

It is forecasted that technology will wipe out over 1.7 million jobs and will result in about half a million ‘new jobs’ worldwide. Technology falls under STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and a degree in any of these STEM subjects can be an extremely rewarding and lucrative career choice.
STEM, however, is not for everyone, so what if there was a choice to do a business degree with a combination of STEM subjects? This would provide a tremendous advantage for students in a market place where technological know-how plays a key role in organisational success and career growth.
ANC Education will introduce its newest STEM-Business Mix degree program from Northwood University offering the US Business degree with majors and minors in the below STEM subjects:
l Business Analytics
l Cyber Security
l Digital Marketing
The STEM-Business Mix degree program offers skillsets that are in high demand, in fact they are the world’s highly demanded skillsets and will see a rapid growth in employment; Business Analytics (33% growth), Cyber Security (28% growth), and digital marketing (19% growth).
ANC students will have the opportunity to complete their Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) degree with majors in Business Analytics, Cybersecurity and minor in Digital Marketing in addition to the seven business specialisations in International Business, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Management Information Systems and Hospitality Management.
ANC offers the STEM-Business Mix degree program in two study pathways:
4+0 Degree Completion Program in Sri Lanka
Students can complete the full STEM-Business Mix degree in Sri Lanka which is offered directly from Northwood University with the same exact curriculum and quality standards without having to travel to the US and save up to 70% of the cost and be part of the Guaranteed Paid Student Internship program (GPIS) at over 30+ top corporate companies in Sri Lanka.
3+1 University Transfer Program at Northwood University
Students will study three years at ANC and get a transfer to Northwood University in their final year to complete their degree and be eligible for up to three years of work experience in the US. Students can save a considerable amount of money by completing the majority of their degree in Sri Lanka.
Business Analytics
Fueled by big data and AI, business analytics are in high-demand in the global market. Virtually every industry from retail to manufacturing is collecting data on their customers, competitors, market trends which is causing a surge of demand for those with the expertise to interpret data, transform it into information and gain important insights to help make better decisions that will effectively improve company’s profitability.
Digital Marketing
Today almost every industry has an online presence, deals with digitised data, uses social media or has an App to generate revenue. They require people who can help support these functions, have the know-how to navigate the digital space and effectively market products and services across multiple digital platforms.
Cyber Security
Living in a technologically-advanced world, most businesses take for granted such things as easy online document sharing, email that is available on every device, and databases accessible from everywhere. The rise in the widespread use of technology has brought with it a rise in cybercrime. There have been so many hacks and data breaches where top brands and organisations have been affected. The future skillsets require learning ways to protect data, systems and networks from hackers, viruses and malware.
The above STEM-Business fields command impressive salaries ranging from $80,000 to over $120,000 per annum and offer career stability, longevity, growth, and the demand of these fields in the current and future organisations have created a huge requirement for qualified and skilled professionals.
The ANC-Northwood STEM-Business Mix degree program will enable ANC students to experience a wider choice of career opportunities and be equipped with the latest cutting edge know-how of the world’s highly demanded skillsets of 2019.
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