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Transfer Option to Universities and job Opportunities in Japan

If you have just finished your A/L exams, you are probably wondering what to do next? Should you stay here or go abroad? Which university should you choose? What type of course that fits you? Should you learn a new language? We have answers to all your above questions.
Join with Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI), and you can study tree years in Sri Lanka before get a transfer to Japan for the final two years to receive your degree from a reputed Japanese University. You will be taught Japanese language so that when you find employment in Japan, you are fluent in the Japanese language. You will study IT, a popular and sought-after career choice in the modern employment market. LNBTI offers cost effective IT higher education in Sri Lanka.
LNBTI is the best option for your Higher Education dream because we are the only Sri Lankan university collaborated with Japanese Universities. Unlike the agency pathways to Japan, LNBTI is the certified, trusted pathway to the professional employment in Japan. Because LNBTI is engaged with Metatechno (Japan) and hSenid (Sri Lanka) which are the main investors of LNBTI. Not only the education and migration, we focus on developing students’ personality and leadership qualities through continuous educational and social events. We emphasise good communication skills and developing soft skills so students will have all-round experience with us.
LNBTI is reachable to your hand distance, the hotline number 0773360000or on email: [email protected] Application forms can be downloaded through the LNBTI website.

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