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Horizon Campus plays a key role in Producing Toptalent in Biotechnology

Focused on excelling as a leading higher education institute in Biotechnology, Horizon Campus has formed partnerships with several top companies in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry, set to give students the best experience through professionally crafted internships with these companies.
Prisca Isaac, graduated with BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology and became the Batch Top of the graduating class of 2017 through the program and is currently working at Morison PLC as an Executive for the Department of Technical services.
Morison PLC is one of Sri Lanka’s largest and leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical and OTC products.
Having got the opportunity through Horizon Campus, to do her internship at Morison (PLC), Prisca worked for the Department of Quality Assurance of the company.
“Being an Intern and a member of the Qualification and Validation Team of Department of Quality Assurance, I carried out the tasks of qualifying equipment and validating processes of pharmaceutical manufacturing and providing formally documented evidence of their execution which proves that the stated equipment and processes are in compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines,” she noted.
Prisca said that the internship provided her in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and how it works on large scale through in-depth knowledge on new analytical and technical skills, manufacture, quality assurance and quality control of drug and pharmaceutical products which had laid a strong foundation to build up her career path and enhanced her resume giving her a competitive edge in the job market as it will for all students who join the program.
Prisca further acknowledged that the program fostered her with all the necessary know-hows and capabilities to enter the professional field, “The campus takes in school leavers and moulds them into mature young adults who are academically sound, socially confident and practically proficient, “she affirmed.
Speaking of their internship program, Chairman of Horizon Campus Upul Daranagama said: “Experiential learning we believe is important as it gives a student direct contact with the realities of the workplace.
This is why we have made it a important part of the educational experience we offer our students and ensure that the internships we offer are with organisations that have a well-structured internship program in place.
The internships offered by us have allowed students to put their academic training to practical use as well as develop knowledge, competencies and experiences related to their career goals, whilst helping them achieve a smoother transition to permanent employment and develop professional work habits.”
Combining the best of biotechnology knowledge and business studies, the degree offered by Horizon campus as in the case of Prisca has helped many students translate their scientific research into innovative products and viable business opportunities in the marketplace.
It is taught in conjunction with business practices and offers an updated and practical training that is better aligned with companies and their current requirements in the field of science.
Using world-leading research staff, business experts and mentors, students are provided with key academic and business skills needed to make a significant contribution to the biotechnology sector
The degree is offered in affiliation with the Nilai University in Malaysia and delivers teachings drawn from industry experts and high quality academic faculty that includes real life cases, insight into bio ventures, and modules on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Commercialisation, Co-Curricular Activities, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Professional Development, Public Speaking, Graduate Preparation and Basic Business Administration.
Horizon Campus through offering degrees of this nature, is currently setting a benchmark for other higher education institutes in the country, to provide the valuable and suitable skills required by the industry and in giving a competitive advantage to their students.
Interested parties in the said field can obtain further information by visiting or by contact 0713 159 159, 0716 613 613 or 0114 365 555 or visit Horizon Campus at Malabe.

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