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A Definitive Answer to the Big Education Question

“Which is Better?
A Local Qualification or an International Degree?”
Thousands of Sri Lankan parents and students ponder this vital question every year as they make one of the most difficult and important choices of their lives – which Higher Education option to select?
Tough question – Easy answer
In fact, neither is “better”. Higher Education must be considered in the context of not only education itself, but also the future the education offers and the student. Education is impossible to measure for purposes of comparison. Results in terms of career opportunities are equally difficult to quantify and definitely cannot be guaranteed. An “Ivy League” graduate, for example, can be unemployed and a local diploma holder can rise to CEO or billionaire entrepreneur. Outcomes depend on the individual, opportunities of chance and circumstance, motivation and a whole host of other factors.
It’s better to think of local and international higher education qualifications as being “different”, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, characteristics, opportunities and challenges. Every student is different, with individual interests, career dreams, likes and dislikes. So, the question is not “Which education is better?” but “Which education is better for a particular student?”
Answering this question for a particular student requires research on education options, careers and in-depth professional career advising for the student. The “best” education for a student will be the one that takes him or her to their desired future based on the student’s abilities and resources.
This is difficult for both parents and students. Students usually don’t know enough about careers, employers, the “real world”, and even themselves to make correct, informed decisions.
When asked students who professed to being passionate about a career in IT, why the interest, they often said they liked to play video games or surf the Internet – such activities have little to do with the aptitude, skills, or knowledge required for a successful technology career.
Parents have a similar problem in that they are seldom “future-focused”. If I could instantly give a student a degree and a job in 2019, the midpoint of their career would be around 2040! How many parents are prepared to speculate what their child’s career opportunities will be in 2040? And then there are the skills and qualities employers want – that’s a whole different question, especially if the student wants to work internationally.
Parents and students need research, professional advice and options.
Great Options
Our Sri Lankan students have a wide range of fantastic options at very affordable cost. They receive personal career advising and coaching from senior internationally experienced staff and make the choice that is BEST FOR THEM.
Cleary University (USA) is a NON-PROFIT UGC-recognised American university specialising in business. Sri Lankan students can now complete the Cleary University Bachelor of Business Administration in Sri Lanka, and there are 17 scholarships of 50% being offered by Cleary, AUP, and the PATHE Global Campus (PGC). The dual qualifications through AUP guarantee students the best local, regional, and international job options in eight different specialisations and a CAREER FAST TRACK to Management positions. AUP graduates can also continue their MBA with paid career experience at Cleary University in the USA
Sri Lankan students who want to go overseas can do their first year of their Cleary University BBA in Sri Lanka through the PATHE Global University Transfer (PGUT) program and then finish in the USA.
This transfer path saves families thousands of dollars in tuition and living expenses while ensuring students are more mature and better prepared for their American education experience.
For students who can’t wait, Study Abroad Direct Placement places students at the university best suited to them, including Cleary University. Graduate students who have completed a recognised Bachelor Degree in Sri Lanka can be considered for direct placement in the Cleary University MBA with paid career experience.
PGC has collaboration with Cleary to deliver a pre-MBA which shall guarantee the admission to MBA at Cleary University.
Want to maximise your career options and open doors to top global opportunities? Contact an experienced advisor or email;

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