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IAEC Consultants Hold Mega Immigration Seminar

IAEC held a seminar on channels and avenues Sri Lankans can explore permanently or temporarily to emigrate to foreign countries on June 15 at the Jetwing Hotel, organised by Mr.Nilantha Arachchige who is the director of IAEC Colombo. This event was addressed by Ms. Shifnaz Nazar along with guest speakers from the head office of IAEC at Hyderabad, Mr. YV Raghunath the head of Immigration at IAEC Consultants and Mr. Aneel Bathena, Senior Immigration Manager.
South Asians, especially Sri Lankans become migrants for all kinds of reasons, whether study or employment. However, one of the biggest groups always remains the economic migrants. Economic migration is when people with some skills move from one country to another in search of employment opportunities and better lifestyle. Most Sri Lankans meet the minimum eligibility criteria to qualify for economic immigration. For Sri Lankan professionals, there are numerous possibilities to emigrate to foreign countries for work or for permanent settlement.
A degree and a minimum of one to three years of work experience is all that takes for a person to qualify for emigration. If someone intends to permanently settle in English speaking countries, such as Australia and Canada, proficiency in English is required which most Sri Lankan professionals possess. The opportunities to emigrate to Canada and Australia are vast at this point in time with the Canadian immigration minister stating that Canada intends to grant over a million permanent residency visas until 2021.
The scope for getting permanent residency in Australia is also good. Germany remains the best destination for those who want to go abroad for work. The German Job Seeker Visa is an excellent option for qualified Sri Lankan professionals to go to Germany seeking employment. Over a course of time, the Job Seeker Visa leads to citizenship of the European Union. There are investor visa possibilities that Sri Lankan businessmen can explore.
In order to fulfil the emigration aspirations of Sri Lankans, IAEC started a branch in Colombo. Since 2000, IAEC has assisted more than 20,000 applicants to go overseas for study, work and permanent settlement. IAEC’s specialised focus on emigration services is backed by nearly 20 years of rich experience and a success record regarding all the visa services. IAEC’s team of emigration consultants is led by highly qualified emigration consultants and registered emigration agents and attorneys. IAEC in many ways has been at the forefront of pioneering the emigration consulting services in India and has now expanded these services to Sri Lanka.
Interested candidates could call over to Sri Lanka Head Office for a free consultation at No. 4B, 2/1, 2nd Floor, Anderson Road, Kalubowila, Dehiwala or reach us on 0775756777 for more details.

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