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UTS’s College in Colombo ; UTS Insearch MD Promises World-Class University Standards From day One

Following last week’s revelation that Australia’s number one young university under the age of 50 – the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) – is preparing to launch a college in Colombo, the Managing Director of UTS Insearch, Mr. Alex Murphy who is visiting Colombo to learn more about their plans, is featured here.
Mr. Murphy has been with UTS Insearch for close to 30 years, having worked in education and marketing roles, and has been the Managing Director since 2007. His background is in linguistics, philosophy and Indonesian and Malayan Studies. He has a keen interest in people, intercultural communication, ethics and the role of education in expanding opportunities for individuals and society in general.

Q: Why is UTS opening a pathway college in Sri Lanka?
We believe this will be an exciting opportunity for students in Sri Lanka, who would like to prepare for university in Australia. We are looking for students who will be well-suited for the style of teaching and learning offered at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and its pathway college UTS Insearch.
We will be offering diplomas, UTS Foundation Studies and Academic English programs as the pathway to UTS. We believe students will be well equipped to do well in their study – in Colombo, in their future UTS studies, and beyond.

Q: Why are you opening the college now?
The economic and educational benefits of opening the college in Colombo are sound. Investing in education will be encouraging for the economy and rewarding for our future students. It is a demonstration of our confidence in Sri Lanka’s economy and the country’s future.
The timing allows us to open the college directly under our name and management. This is an exciting opportunity and will allow us to really build our reputation as a leading pathway provider in Sri Lanka.

Q: What is the investment UTS is making in Sri Lanka?
US$2.1 million is being invested in the UTS Insearch Sri Lanka college – this is a significant vote of confidence in Sri Lanka’s economy and its resilience.

Q: Where will your campus be located, and do you have a residence facility?
The campus is well-located at 38 Thurstan Road, Colombo. It is being equipped to an international standard, with a range of tutorial and lecture rooms and laboratories.
The campus will be modelled on UTS Insearch in Sydney, with a focus on small class sizes, collaborative spaces for students to work together, and engineering and IT computer laboratories. It does not offer residential facilities.

Q: Can you explain the concept of a pathway program and how UTS Insearch is special in its approach?
A pathway program prepares students for success at university and is designed to ensure students develop the academic and personal skills needed to thrive.
Our diploma courses are designed in collaboration with UTS. This means the educational outcomes for diploma students are the same as for first year students studying a UTS undergraduate degree. So, our students are accessing the same world-class university standards right from day one of their studies.
Students will receive a highly-personalised learning experience with smaller class sizes, one-on-one tutorials, peer support programs and study success advisers. Whether it’s mastering Academic English language or adapting to a different way of teaching, our unique learning model will prepare students for university and beyond.

Q: What educational approach is being offered here?
We understand the challenges faced by international students. Our support services are developed to assist with any academic or social issues students may face as they settle into student life.
In addition, our student-oriented curriculum is specially tailored towards international students transitioning the differences between high school and university. We have English language learning integration, technology-enabled learning and help students develop their independent academic learning skills.

Q: What is the University of Technology Sydney’s teaching style?
UTS uses an award-winning learning futures approach – which is designed around the way students learn and how teachers support their learning. We connect a future-focused curriculum with informed technology to place students at the centre of the learning experience.
The aim is to produce graduates who are confident, have strong academic knowledge and person skills, and are well-equipped for the future of work, anywhere in the world.
UTS offers students real industry experience through guiding internships, paid work placements, community organisations, authentic simulations and case-based study assessments. This practical experience equips our graduates to prepare for and take on the changing workforce.
Q: Tell us about the courses offered – on what basis have you decided to offer these specific courses?
We have selected some of our most popular programs that are likely to appeal to a wide variety of students, allowing maximum flexibility in what they continue to study at UTS. These include:
n First year university-equivalent programs with our Diploma of Business, Diploma of Engineering and Diploma of Information Technology
n A Year 12-equivalent program – UTS Foundation Studies – which upon successful completion allows entry to any UTS undergraduate program
n Academic English.
n Do you offer similar programs in other countries around the world?
UTS Insearch runs a range of programs around the world – often in partnership with local education providers. We offer Academic and/or English Language programs in Australia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam and South Korea.
We have around 5,000 students from 75 countries studying our diplomas and UTS Foundation Studies programs in Sydney. In addition, there are around 44,000 students at the University of Technology Sydney, making it one of Australia’s largest universities.
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