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RMIT University introduces Future Leaders Scholarship for international students

RMIT is a world leader in Art and Design, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Development, Computer Science and Information systems, Business and Management and Communication and Media Studies to name a few. RMIT University launched the Future Leaders Scholarship program for Sri Lankan students at Cinnamon Grand, Ebony hall recently.
Ms. Jodie Altan, Director, Global Student Recruitment, Ms.Reshmi Dutta, Regional Manager, (Middle East, Africa and South Asia Global Student Recruitment) and Ms.Manisha Aggarwal In Country Manager, (Middle East, Africa and South Asia) Global Student Recruitment launched the Future Leaders Scholarship program with fun-filled activities and an eye-opening awareness program for students interested in pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies at RMIT University, Australia.
The students who choose RMIT to do their higher education will gain tremendous advantage with thescholarship.This is a great opportunity for those high achievers out there.
The scholarship offers 20% tuition fee reduction for the entire program duration. Successful candidates will be awarded the scholarship with their offer of admission.
According to Ms. Reshmi Dutta, “Through our deep relationships with prestigious business partners around the world, our students receives invaluable industry experience during their studies at RMIT University.”

RMIT University, Australia
RMIT University (officially the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) was founded in 1887, as a Working Men’s college with the aim of bringing education to the working people of Melbourne Australia.
Ms. Jodie Altan said, “RMIT University is a top ranking Australian University located in the heart of Melbourne.
We are ranked in the top 1 percent of the universities globally”.
RMIT was awarded royal patronage by Queen Elizabeth ii for its educational Service to the commonwealth and contribution to the war effort. The University has around 82,880 higher and vocational students, making it one of the largest dual-sector education providers in Australia, of these about 20% are international students from almost 200 countries and they speak 184 languages. Sri Lankan parents give their top priority for the children’s safety and good education hence RMIT is the best place to get good education with safety.

Your new life in Melbourne
Melbourne is a safe and welcoming city full of exciting possibilities and the capital city of Victoria and Australia’s Second largest city. It’s remowned for its style and elegance and boasts a passion for creative arts, design, sports and festivals.
Melbourne is one of the world’s most multicultural cities. The multicultural and welcoming atmosphere helps students feel at home.

At RMIT, students have instant access to a huge range of activities and programs designed to make their University experience unforgettable. The support services and networks help students succeed at university and stay healthy and happy.
Personal counselling
Career advice and resume building workshops
Job opportunities and industry network events
Accommodation assistance
Disability services
Financial advice
Health information
Safety and security services
Legal advice
Student club and social cultural and sporting activities
Spiritual support
Ms. Jodie Altan also said, “That the new students can attend for the cookery classes as they are not very good at cooking”. RMIT University is a place where the students will be guided through the smallest steps in their university life. RMIT is home away from home.
RMIT has given the opportunities for many students to start their future careers in world famous Companies (Apple, Intel, Dior, SansForgetica, Hollywood Film Industry, Google, etc)
Join RMIT University without any hesitation. It is an excellent place for intellectual development as well as an experience you will never forget.
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