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AAH Offers Only Australian Tourism and Hospitality Management Program

What does this industry look like?
The terms tourism and hospitality are co-related and is categorised into one industry. However, the relationship between tourism and hospitality is very close, and they both cannot become successful without each other. Tourism is defined as the people travelling to places outside to accomplish their purpose of business or leisure. Hospitality is the provision of the accommodation, meals and drinks for people out of their own homes.
What importance does it bring to a country and the economy?
The tourism and the hospitality industry provide a huge support for the economic growth of a country. It is known as the largest contributor to the world’s GDP. It provides a support of about 10% in total. This industry is also known as the highest job vacancy generator. Most leading countries, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and even the countries in South Asia, are known to have a higher demand for staff in the hospitality industry.
The growth of this industry also helps a nation grow. Facilitating multinationalism and the mix of cultures within the communities automatically attracts tourists into the country thereby generating more income to the economy.

How a career in this industry groom you as a person?
The hospitality industry is all about providing service. This enables the staff to work in an interesting industry moving around people from different nationalities. This involves, new languages, new people, more networking opportunities among different nationalities. If you love to explore a new world, this is the career for you, because job opportunities are amply available everywhere in the world. Developing your PR skills would be an easy task, as pleasing the customers are part of your task in your everyday life.
No matter your position, you’ll be meeting interesting people every day, from local business people to celebrities. Perfecting the art of small talk and knowing what combination of elements creates the ideal networking environment are just a few bits of social know-how you’ll learn to properly execute. Plus, the people you’ll meet from all over the world will provide you with a wealth of cultural insights. If people skills are something you’d like to build on, you’re in to a satisfying career.

Why study Australian Hospitality Management?
Details obtained by the Australian Industry and the Skills committee shows that Most hospitality-related occupations are projected to show strong growth to 2023. The strongest growth is expected for Chefs and Waiters with over 15%, followed by Café and Restaurant Managers (14%), Bar Attendants and Baristas and Housekeepers (13%) and Kitchenhands (12%). This shows that the need for skills in the country is very high projecting more job opportunities in the years to come.

Where would you choose to study an Australian Hospitality Program in Sri Lanka?
When you are looking for a program, there are several factors that you must take into consideration, the recognition of the program, awarding institute, value for money and the practical training provided.
AAH is the only Hospitality Management Education Institution that provides Paid Internships in Leading Hotels in Sri Lanka and overseas. Our partner hotels in Sri Lanka, UAE and Singapore provides ample opportunities for our students to gain valuable work experience before they graduate in their country of choice. Our qualifications are Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) recognised and is 100% Australian.
Australasian Academy of Hospitality in partnership with Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI) offers globally recognised Australian qualifications in Hospitality Management right in Sri Lanka.
AAH is the only Australian owned higher education institution in the country with academic staff from Australia delivering the program with strict quality controls and modern teaching methods.
If you are after O/Levels or A/Levels looking forward to a lucrative career in a global context, Hospitality Management Degree at AAH is the ideal program for you.

For more information and enrollments for the June intake, call 0766 895 896/0773 22 77 95 or visit

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