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Education is For Life: Think About New Zealandor UK Pathways Through GISM

It is a common fact that the quality education in a peaceful academic environment is an important requirement for producing meaningful professionals to the world. Even if the international course fee in New Zealand is much lower compared to that in other developing countries, it is still a big amount in Rupees for most parents in Sri Lanka.
Therefore, the Graduate Institute of Science & Management (GISM) has developed a strong collaboration with world-class New Zealand Massey University and Edinburgh Napier University, UK providing highly affordable pathway study options for Sri Lankan students. Why are most of our students looking for overseas studies? The answer is not so simple because it is unfortunate that we need to find out ‘what has happened to our education and what has happened to our country’s industry and its job market’. There are many but here in this letter we discuss a few main requirements for Quality Education for life; that is Programme Quality, Lecture Quality, Resource Quality and Opportunities.
In academia, lecturers’knowledge and the courses offered are frequently updated in parallel with the results of new researches and innovations in the relevant field. In most of the world-class Universities in the globe, this is happening while proper industry-collaborative updates are also taken into consideration for students’ benefits. If the course curricula are well prepared and updated to deliver with more practical components, then the students will gain good training for them to be ready for the work.
However, it is doubtful whether this is happening in the education system in Sri Lanka.
Other important factor is the availability of quality lecturers in our educational institutions. It is also highly doubtful because the world-class lecturers are expensive and also they do not like to come here due to various reasons like security, facilities and living condition etc. However, as most of these needs are fulfilled in overseas quality Universities, they produce quality students making pathways for them to join workforce immediately after graduation.Then, what has happened to us? It is sad that our children have to continue with an extremely hard learning exercise, in the school and tuition classes from the kindergarten-age up to University. Usually, in our country, one student studies over 12 hours per day in average during O/L and A/L study periods. During 2.5 years in A/L, if one student spends average 3,600 hours for minimum 300 day in a year, then he/she works over 9,000 hours for A/L examination. Isn’t this a too much occupancy which is harmful to a teenager and so would badly effect to the society? This reveals that our education system must be re-organised taking examples from a country like New Zealand which is one of the best countries for education in the world.
In order to gain recognised qualifications with overseas University exposure for foreign job market, GISM Campus in Sri Lanka offers Degree pathway programs as an alternative option.
They can study couple of years in Sri Lanka saving international course fees and go to New Zealand or UK to continue the programme to graduate from that university. Applications are now invited to recruit students for over 25 degree major pathway options in Engineering, Biosciences, IT & Info Science, Business and Logistics disciplines for the 21st intake at GISM Campus. Students who have good results in G.C.E. O/L or,with A/L pending results can apply and prospective students will be selected at the interview. It is clear that this pathway arrangement is a golden opportunity for Sri Lankan students to graduate from world-renowned Universities to qualify for respectable jobs in New Zealand or any other country in the world. This is really a scholarship benefit worth over Rs. 4.0 Million per study year in Sri Lanka and this is only available at GISM for gaining New Zealand qualifications. Students will get 3 years job search visa in New Zealand after graduation and also can qualify for applying permanent residency after receiving a permanent employment.
GISM also helps for direct enrollments for undergraduate and postgraduate studies (Masters & PhD studies) in New Zealand. Also we support for selecting the most appropriate course for the student, applying visa, adjusting with foreign exposure, finding jobs and accommodation without an additional cost. As there are limited opportunities, any interested applicant can contact GISM now on 0112 820810 or, for more information.

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