Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Combining the best of biotechnology knowledge and business studies, Horizon Campus now offers a degree that helps their students translate scientific research into innovative products and viable business opportunities in the marketplace.
The degree offered in affiliation with the Nilai University in Malaysia , delivers teachings drawn from industry experts and high quality academic faculty that includes real life cases, insight into bio ventures, and modules on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Commercialisation, Co-Curricular Activities, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Professional Development, Public Speaking, Graduate Preparation and Basic Business Administration.
The key purpose of this degree is to prepare and train students to work in a multidisciplinary environment along with top health professionals and leading organisations in the industry. The program, which is taught in conjunction with business practices offers a more updated and practical training that is better aligned with companies and their current requirements in the field of science. Using world-leading research staff, business experts and mentors, students are provided with key academic and business skills needed to make a significant contribution to the biotechnology sector.
The Business Studies area also offers training that is analytically rigorous and connected to practice through class discussions based on real-life business cases, company visits, guest speakers and an internship experience.
Speaking of the degree,Dean of the Faculty of Science Dr.Lekha Wanasekera stated “As the world becomes hungrier for products and technologies that are greener, safer and more efficient, the biotechnology industry which utilizes cellular and biomolecular processes to develop products and technologies is set to boom.” Ms. Harshi Amarasekara, a lecturer at Faculty of Science further mentioned that graduates with additional skills in business who can navigate a product’s journey to market will be in great demand.
This is the reason we designed this degree to comprise business disciplines that are an integral part of today’s organisations. Hence, the students who are registered with us for this degree have the opportunity to enhance a variety of skills such as communication, present information clearly in both written and oral form, working in teams, self-management, self-motivation, self-discipline , learning skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, analytical skills, moral and professional ethics and taking ownership of responsibilities. Overall, the degree is designed to expose students to gain a high proficiency in biotechnology and business along with a focus on the development of their inner character.”
This carefully selected combination, coupled with relevant industry experience and a strong focus on teamwork, is set to provide Horizon graduates with a truly interdisciplinary educational experience that will be key to higher salaries, job security and career advancement. Horizon Campus through offering degrees of this nature,is setting a benchmark for other higher education institutes in the country,to provide the valuable and suitable skills required by the industry and in giving a competitive advantage to their students
Interested parties in the said field can obtain further information by visiting or by contact 0713159159, 0716 613 613or 0114 365 555 or visit Horizon Campus at Malabe.

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