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Basics of Medicine ; MED ED Fair on 11TH MAY

If becoming a medical doctor has been your ambition?Here’s a few questions that will be thrown at you in every stage in your life.

Why do you want to become a doctor?
Which field do you want to specialize in?
Did you choose your career based on your passion or simply to fill your pockets?
These questionaries’ which has evolved through common notions can be really traumatizing and exhausting at times.
But we at ANC Future Center Medical Placements do not just guide to be a Medical Doctor but help you rephrase the questions thrown at you.
We believe and emphasize on the fact its not about where you study but how you study.
But to get the basic right you need upstanding adequate professional training and expertise guidance. However, not many places give you hands on experience or provide you the fundamental knowledge to handle your equipment or to read a patient taught only by a highly qualified medical doctor.
Thus, if you are after O/L’s and A/L’s and aspire to be a Medical Doctor, Here’s the one-time opportunity to watch and learn while the experts train you.
Things to look forward in the workshop:

  1. Step by step guidance to your medical career by registered medical doctors
    Detailed and individually focused training on how to study and the areas to focus will be explained. Students will be given adequate preparation techniques before the commencement of their O/L’s or A/L’s until they hit their target of being a registered medical doctor.Complete step by step guidance in molding you to be a successful Medical doctor.
  2. Basic Clinical Skills
    Ever wondered what’s the difference between clinicals and pre -clinicals? Be there to know the ANSWER! From assessing the blood pressure to Examining pulse many other basic clinical skills in medicine will be demonstrated.
  3. Exposure to Medical Equipment
    Did you know there’s a specific way to wear a stethoscope? If the answer is no! this is exactly why you shouldn’t miss the one time opportunity of learning these skills.
  4. Hands on experience in Basic Life Support
    What would you do when someone suddenly collapses infront of you? Will you panic and run away or use the First AID skills to save his/her life? Don’t worry if you still haven’t learnt these skills, be there to get a 360 degree knowledge about everything.
  5. Career guidance after your MD/MBBS
    So what’s NEXT after you graduate? Can you Just go to any country and start working right away or you need to Sit for the Foreign Medical examination? What is the basic Results to ERPM exams in Sri Lanka and above all what is even ERPM exams? A-Z complete guidance on helping you to get a clear picture in reaching your medical ambition.
  6. Guidance to choose your ideal destination and university to study medicine
    At ANC Future Centre Medical Placements, we work with countries like Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, China, India, Nepal, and Malaysia.maintaining an unparalleled 99% success rate in placing students to leading medical universities around the world is what we expertise in.
    You will be taught to choose the best for you based on your interest, budget, Recognition and of course on the entry requirements.
    BE THERE!!!!

Date: 11th May, 2019
Time: 10am to 5pm
CALL DR.HARRY : 0777 30 10 80
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Twitter: ANC_FC_Medical
Linkedin: anc-medical-placements
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