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Future Minds With NJOBA March on 14th Milestone

Future Minds, the higher education hub and Career Gateway, prearranged by Nalanda Junior Old Boys’ Association (NJOBA), Marching on its 14th milestone, encompassing global village of higher education in to a single exhibition entailing the exposition themed “No One Left Behind” strides forward with the foremost intention of empowering the youth to fulfil their needs for private higher education.

Future Minds consisting of a series of exhibitions inaugurates at BMICH on 14th, 15th and 16th of June, moving in to Kandy at the KCC from 22nd to 23rd June and finally in Galle at Hall de Galle from 07th to 08th September.As future minds surges to the second decade,launch of Future Minds 2019 media briefingconcluded recently at Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo as a prelude to kicking off this year’s event.
Future Minds is a fusion of students, school leavers, parents, universities and institutions to create the most synergetic platform in deciding on the most appropriate career path and educational partner to shape up a flourishing future. The exhibition will expose students for aninnumerable and diverse choices of foreign universities from countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada, United States of America, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, China, India who will showcase their higher educational programs directly or through their local agents.
Future Minds Chairman, Kasun Perera welcoming the distinguished guests state that ‘as a family centric approach, Future Minds focuses on entailing all comprehensive range of services for the students and their families to complete their higher education aspirations under one roof as one stop concept’.
Untying from traditions, Future Minds entails a career guidance program and a financial zone enriching the journey of higher education and select the most appropriate career path for student in the toughest hurdle in realizing aspirations.
Speaking at the event, IFC Country Manager Amena Arifstated, with the increase of educational necessities globally, Future Minds bringsglobal higher education aspirations to thelocalstudents and by covering major metropolitan hubs for seven days,the expo has providedthe most synergetic platform for Sri Lankan higher education.
At the event, Future Minds educational and commercial sponsors officially handed over their sponsorships to Future Minds officials with the participation of distinguished academic personalities and industry leaders.
Touted as the most comprehensive career counselling workshop in the island,Future Minds advance the visiting students to undergo an orientation programme and apsychometric test to identify dynamic abilities and followed by one-on-one sessions with high calibre career counsellors and will be directed to industry veteransfrom multiple fields including Engineering, Biological Sciences, Banking & Finance, Business Administration, Marketing, Supply Chain, Logistics etc., to discuss educational options required and expected by organizations. This leverage the emphasis placed by Future Minds to be most focused and trusted higher education expo in the nation.
As the next phase of facilitation, Future Minds has successfully encompassed a financial zone to fulfil the necessity of supporting the Higher Education aspirations. Introducing key pillar of financial empowerment for higher education within the exhibition has bridged student’s financial requirements to reach their goals of tertiary education.

For details about Future Minds 2019 Higher Educational and Career Exhibition and pre-visitor registrations please visit:

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