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Plan Your Career in Biomedical Science After O/Ls at EDULINK

EDULINK INTERNATIONAL CAMPUS offers a fully comprehensive British LEVEL 3 Foundation Diploma in BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES and British Level 5 Higher International Diploma in BIO MEDICAL SCIENCES
Why pursue biomedical science?
Biomedical science is at the heart of medical breakthroughs in healthcare. This involves anything from creating artificial muscles from cells to treat diseases and illnesses, to looking at the brain to understand stress and anxiety.
Study biomedical science to develop your understanding of the human body and conduct medical research. Degrees are flexible and can lead to a wide range of career options for graduates.
What is biomedical science?
Biomedical scientists develop new treatments and therapies for human illnesses, diseases and disabilities.
Globally, more than US$240bn is spent on biomedical research and development every year (Guardian, 2018). Investment comes from private and public organizations to explore scientific solutions to health problems across the world.
Biomedical science researches medical conditions, such as cancer, anemia, diabetes, stress, ageing, heart physiology, emerging diseases, meningitis, and hepatitis.
What do biomedical scientists do?
Biomedical scientists conduct scientific and laboratory research to support diagnosis and treatment of human disease. You will test, analyze and review fluids and body tissue to advise medical practitioners. Depending on your specialism you will need to understand areas such as anatomy, physiology, genetics, microbiology, mathematics and psychology. Biomedical scientists do not have medical training and do not have contact with patients.
Who awards the qualifications?
Both level 3 foundation and level 5 Higher International Diploma in Bio Medical Sciences is awarded by EduQual United Kingdom. EduQual is a regulated awarding body, approved by SQA-Accreditation, a globally-recognized national qualifications regulator in the UK. We are a full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies

Can a student do Higher International Diploma in Bio Medical Sciences after GCE O/L?
Anyone who wishes to pursue any Diploma in Bio Medical Sciences needs to have basic knowledge on biology and related subjects. Therefore Edulink will provide comprehensive level 3 foundation in Bio Medical Sciences for 9 months before they continue with Higher International Diploma in Bio medical Sciences. This foundation applies for anyone who joins theprogramme even after GCE A/L if they have not completed their GCE A/L in Bio Science stream.
Why choose the Foundation course in biological sciences?
You enroll on a nine months course, which includes three levels (1, 2, and 3). If you complete this 9 months successfully you progress directly to our two-year Higher International Diploma (HID) in Biomedical Sciences course in this subject area. By the end of second year of our HID in Biomedical Sciences course, you choose whether to pursue third top up year in BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences Degree course with our franchising University in UK. The number of students who progress to degree study are very high and in fact have gone on to become most successful graduates.

What are the entry requirements?
The course is suitable if you don’t meet the entry requirements for our HID in Biomedical Sciences course, or you want extra preparation before starting degree-level study.
Eligible Applicants
– Applicants who are 17 or above years of age and should have completed the GCE O/L examination with credit passes in Science, Maths, and English
– Applicants who have completed in the GCE A/L examination subjects different from biology stream
– Mature applicants with skills and experience from employment and show recent study
What are the additional benefits of this course?
By studying a foundation course in Biological Sciences, your nine months will be spent learning a wide range of broad subject areas which then open up opportunities for you to specialize further in your next year – which would be the first year of aHID in Biomedical Sciences course.
You will study very broad subjects in your foundation course which includes Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, English for Academic Purposes, and Study Skills and ICT for Science, which is then designed to prepare you for a range of courses and not just one particular BSc degree.
So although you are studying a BSc in a specific course – BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences – the foundation course sets you up for a number of other possible degrees starting in the following year. It may be that you don’t end up doing a degree in precisely the same subject as your foundation course.
This flexibility is one of the great things about the foundation course category –Biological Sciences, allowing you to find out more about your interests and talents before focusing on a degree. The foundation year also helps us at Edulink to make sure we help to match you to the degree that fits you best.
What are the career paths and progression?
Careers with biomedical science degree requirements are broad ranging and in high demand.
You could work in:
• Academic research
• The Industrial biotechnology sector
• Healthcare services
• Environment
• Medicine
• Clinical trial research
Some students go on to gain postgraduate degrees or PhD courses.You could also choose to apply for a medicine degree and train to become a doctor.
What are the key facts of this course?
Scheduled Intakes: January, April, July, October
Course Duration: Foundation – 9 months + HID – 2 years
Delivery medium: English
Mode of delivery: On campus, face to face, in class room mode through lectures, seminars, workshops, and practical sessions
Assessment methods: assignments, written examinations, and stimulation and case studies
Why choose us?
– Edulink International Campus Colombo has won the Quality Education Provider in Sri Lanka at the Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Awards 2017
– The quality of teaching is just second to none and because all of the staff are experts in their fields, students will learn the latest information which means that students are constantly up to latest information and constantly aware of the latest development in research techniques and in knowledge
– You’ll benefit from our partnerships with health and social care providers both within the Sri Lanka and internationally
-Students will experience foreign faculty lectures during their programme.
– Because our diploma is awarded from a reputed awarding body, students will get a high quality diploma with rigorous quality assurance methods from the best of the private education institutions in Sri Lanka with greatly enhanced employability prospects.

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