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Develop scholars in Academic and Applied Knowledge Contributing to Business and Society

With a vision to excel as the leading non-state higher education institute in Sri Lanka, recognised for developing outstanding progressive scholars contributing towards business and society in view of enriching lives, SLIIT invites applications for its Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy PhD programmes.
At the open day scheduled for June 2019, in addition to prospective students, SLIIT also welcomes applicants with the ambition of becoming passionate and inspired member of its team through its MPhil and PhD programmes.
“SLIIT’s MPhil and PhD programmes are designated for students who want to be involved in tomorrow’s challenges. Through our facilities, expertise, mentoring and envied resources, we aim to help these students thrive and to contribute towards finding solutions to problems facing the development of our country today, and in the future,” remarked Prof. Lalith Gamage, Vice Chancellor/CEO, SLIIT.
SLIIT, as one of top rated higher educational institute and the leading non-state higher education institute in Sri Lanka is recognised by the University Grants Commotion (UGC), is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) as well as the International Association of Universities (IAU). SLIIT is also the first Sri Lankan institute to be accredited by the Intuition of Engineering & Technology in UK (IET).
SLIIT’s MPhil and PhD programs in the fields of Computing and Engineering are recognised by the UGC.
Understanding the acute need for innovation, research and development and technology transfer for national development, SLIIT’s Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research has created a conducive learning and research environment, enabling researchers to be innovative and dedicated to excellence in finding solutions to problems of national importance, contributing towards economic growth and well-being.
Prof. Rahula Attalage Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, SLIIT, noted. “Our MPhil and PhD programmes enable research-oriented students to benefit from privileged access to SLIIT’s doctoral community and other state-of-art approaches and facilities. They are provided ample opportunities to further strengthen the pursuit of science research and development knowledge through advocacy for research, joint research projects, postgraduate training, and through linkages to research universities globally.”
Having commenced these doctoral programmes in 2017, SLIIT also aim to enroll students during the year where students can join at any time.
With an academic staff of over 300 members, SLIIT’s staff includes over 75 PhD degree holders from leading universities worldwide with diverse research expertise.
Several collaborative partnerships with many prestigious international institutes and universities including Australia, Canada and UK, enable SLIIT to draw foreign expertise, enter into joint research supervision and alliances.
In addition, SLIIT also has a network of Honorary Professors from leading international universities who extend their expertise and services through assignments at SLIIT.
Moreover, SLIIT has the potential to provide the high quality infrastructure facilities which includes computer labs, laboratory facilities and subscribed access to the top information facilities and e-recourses at international levels. The strength of its industry links and the flexibility in administration provides a competitive advantage to its research platform.
SLIIT ensures the quality of its academic, research and administrative operations through its robust quality assurance institutional framework.
The framework also ensures the eligibility commitment, and aptitude to do research of the students, where postgraduate programmes are monitored by the institute.
A set entry criteria is required for each application, this also includes interviews and presentations developed with a potential supervisor. The students’ progress are monitored and mentored closely throughout the programme by supervisors ensuring high quality research outputs and outcomes.
With SLIIT celebrating its 20th milestone in 2019, the institute’s dedication to excellence in contributing towards the higher education sector in this country, including the progress and the expansion of the portfolio of actions in research through its MPhil and PhD programmes are commendable.
Interested students who are passionate and inspired for excellence and performance are invited to join the SLITT’s research team and benefit from its MPhil and PhD programmes.
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