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AMDT partners with UK-based Creative Academy Falmouth University

Sri Lanka’s pioneer in Creative Education, ‘AMDT, School of Creativity’ partners with Falmouth University, UK’s top Creative education provider offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses representing the breadth of the Creative Industries, from art, design, and fashion, to gaming, music, and film. This partnership was inaugurated concurrently with the “Festival of Creativity” that was launched recently, supported by prominent Creative corporations accompanied by experts from AMDT. The affiliation was declared at an event held on the 19th of March at the AMDT School of Creativity, graced by the presence of Geoff Smith – Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Falmouth University UK, Andy Joule – Head of Animation and Visual Effects, Falmouth University UK., Bryan Clark – Head of Graphic Design, Falmouth University UK., John Boddy – Head of fashion, Falmouth University UK., Kristine Roberts – Senior Officer, Falmouth University UK., Suriya Bibile , Territory Manager – Sri Lanka & Maldives, Pearson Education, Satheesh Kumar, Director – Brands & Technology / Senior Lecturer, AMDT, School Of Creativity, and Vinodi Jayawardena – Director academic affairs and operations, AMDT School of Creativity.
AMDT, founded in 2005 by two Artrepreneurs who have relentlessly challenged the status quo taking up a direction into the Creative sector inspiring many Sri Lankan and international students take up Creative careers. This has brought relief to countless parents who were worried that their creative child might not have a successful career path in their chosen discipline in the ‘Creative Industry’.
For more than 100 years, Falmouth University has been a hub of creative thinking and design innovation. Falmouth’s specialisms of creative innovation; creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, and storytelling, will be key to future economic and cultural success both at a local and global level. AMDT’s partnership opens doors to build various opportunities for Sri Lanka’s Creative industries, to learn, to collaborate and engage to contribute to Sri Lanka’s Creative economy.
Vinodi Jayawardane, the Director for Academic Affairs & Operations / Senior Lecturer, stated that “Falmouth University partnering for the first time in the region is truly a proud moment for AMDT and this is a big achievement for Creativity in Sri Lanka. There’s much to learn and take the country forward.
We will make Sri Lanka’s Creativity matter to the world’. In simple words, we’re excited and it’s a dream come true”.
She further added, “The affiliation with Falmouth University is a surefire way for the initiation of providing more creative solutions to the nation through AMDT. We have found that these strengthened international bonds will improve the industry as well as assist in the production of more diligent, experienced and skilled experts in the country”.
AMDT, School of Creativity is the only institution in Sri Lanka offering a wide range of Creative qualifications ranging from Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Multimedia, Textiles, Film Making, Photography, Advertising, 3D Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Motion Graphics, Games Development, Digital Marketing, Audio Production, etc.

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