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IBSL Commences Its New Lecture Cycle in April 2019

We are passing an era where knowledge and skills dominate in every aspect of life, due to continuous advancement of information and bio technologyand related areas of operations.The result? A very dynamic world of unprecedented changes in our living and working environments at an unimaginable pace. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly challenging the human supremacy in all areas of activities. It has become extremely difficult to find an area which has been able to escape from its influence.Banking and Financial services industry is not an exception: it is experiencing unprecedented revolutionary changes in its entire operational environment due to the introduction of Financial Technology (Fintech) and Blockchain operations.
Gaining advanced knowledge and skills with continuous updates is the solution to stay float and command in any position in the workplace. Like many other areas of economic activities, Banking and Financial Services Industry is force to embrace this change and adjust accordingly, to stay float and progress. As in the past, the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL), is ready to offer opportunities for those aspire to enter the new world of banking and financial services industry with knowledge and skills to lead a commanding career.
The Institute of Bankers of SriLanka offers an affordable professional qualification that also enables students to gain an academic qualification simultaneously, right here in Sri Lanka. During the past few years, Sri Lanka’s Banking and Finance sector has grown rapidly. The rapidly expanding financial sector of Sri Lanka translates to the need for more banking professionals, who possess an updated knowledge and skills in the financial sector.
The College of Banking and Finance (COBAF), the training arm of the IBSL, is ready to commence its new lecture cycle on 07 April 2019 at the IBSL Towers located at No.80A, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 8. This lecture cycle is conducted to empower students with the requisite professional knowledge and prepare them for the Intermediate and Diploma in Applied Banking and Finance (IABF and DABF) examinations. These examinations are scheduled to be held in September 2019, island-wide.
What is “IBSL”?
The Institute of Bankers of SriLanka is a professional body that was set up in 1964 by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in the name of Bankers’ Training Institute (Ceylon)and the institute was incorporated by a Parliament Act in 1979. The main purpose behind the setting up of this institute was to provide an education in Banking and Finance for banking and non-banking personnel.
The Governing Board
The IBSL managed by a Governing board of 12 high ranking banking sector professionals consisting of two members from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (A Deputy Governor as Chairman and an Assistant Governor as Vice Chairperson), two members from Bank of Ceylon (General Manager and Deputy General Manager),two members from People’s Bank (CEO/General Manager and Deputy General Manager), three members from other banks ( at present CEO/General Manager from Sampath Bank, National Savings Bank and Seylan Bank) and three members elected by members from Fellow and Associates of the IBSL.
What is the Mandate of IBSL?
The following includes in the mandate of the IBSL;
a) To provide instruction and training for employees of banking institutions and for employees of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in the study of the theory and practice of banking and of related subjects and of such purpose to provide all facilities including lectures, discussions and library facilities;
b) To conduct examinations and to issue certificates to those who are successful in such examinations;
c) To facilitate and encourage discussions on matters of interest to bankers; and
d) To take such measures as may be desirable to further the interest of banking.
Why do you need to select the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL) for your Banking & Finance education?

• The IBSL is the only academic institution specifically mandated by an Act of Parliament to offer training, examinations and qualifications in Banking and finance subjects
• Programmes are designed by top professionals representing state, regulatory (Central Bank of Sri Lanka) and commercial banks,
• Programmes are conducted by the professionals who are active in the respective subjects,
• IBSL programmes are recognized for number of regulatory qualifications.
What are the programmes offered by IBSL?
IBSL as the professional body for Bankers, offers wide range of Certificate and Diploma programmes, which are designed to enhance the knowledge of Bankers. The flagship programme is the Diploma in Applied Banking and Finance (DABF), completion of which can get the Associate ship of the Institute. In order to do the DABF all students need to complete the first stage which is Intermediate in Applied Banking and Finance (IABF). Every bank in Sri Lanka recognize this for their promotions and confirmation of its employees to the permanent staff.
Apart from DABF, IBSL hasDiploma Programmes which are especially designed to improve specialized areas of Banking. Those diplomas include Postgraduate Executive Diploma in Bank Management, Diploma in Credit Management, Diploma in International Trade, Diploma in Treasury and Risk Management, Diploma in Islamic Banking etc. Bank or Finance company employees who directly involve in credit management; international trade etc. in their respective bank or finance company can follow these specialized courses. Even Diploma in Treasury and Risk Management course has been recognized by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka for officers who handle their Bank’s primary dealing/ treasury activities.
Apart from those programmes, if a Bank or a finance company needs a special programme tailor made to them, IBSL can deliver accordingly.
What are the benefits of IBSL programmes?
• Provide Professional qualifications for Bankers/ Employees of Financial Institutions
• Provide a Special recognition for carrier progression
• Recognized for higher education streams including number of post graduate programmes
• Considered as anadded qualification for your existing qualifications
What are the eligibility requirements for enrollment?
• An employee of a Bank or Financial Institution or other Company/Institution
• Pass the GCE(O/L) /GCE(A/L)and other higher studies
Affordable Cost
The IBSL programmes are offered at an affordable cost when compared with the other professional qualifications. Interest free monthly installment plans are provided by the Peoples’ Bank, National Development Bank (NDB), Commercial bank, and Union Bank for the coverage of course fee.
Professional Qualifications withina short period
IBSL examinations are conducted twice during the year(March and September) and therefore, it provides an opportunity to complete both IABF and DABF qualifications within 2 years.
Obtain a Degree/ MBA
After completing the above qualifications, students now can enroll for the final year of the number of Degreeprogrammes offered by

• Nothermbria University- UK,
• Postgraduate Executive Diploma in Bank Management – IBSL or
• MBA offered by recognized Local Universities & Northumbria University, UK.
Study and Examination Medium
IBSL cater to students through teaching methods and examinations in all three languages, that is, English, Sinhala and Tamil.
Certificate awarding
The certificates are personally signed by the Chairman (Deputy Governorof the Central Bank of Sri Lanka) Vice Chairperson (Assistant Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka) and the Director General of the IBSL. Certificates are awarded at a ceremonial Convocation with the presence of number of dignitaries including the Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
Inauguration of the New Lecture cycle
The new lecture cycle will be commenced at the IBSL towers at 80A, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 08 with the presence of the Chairman of the IBSL (Deputy Governor – Central Bank of Sri Lanka) and the Vice Chairperson of the IBSL (Assistant Governor – Central Bank of Sri Lanka).
IBSL has constructed a modern building for classes with all facilities including Library, State of the art Class Rooms, 200 seating Cafeteria, student waiting areas etc. IBSL is currently in the process of seeking degree awarding status from the University Grants Commission. IBSL also plan on introducing a distance learning package. The future is set to be bright for IBSL and welcomes bankers and students to join and gain knowledge, a career and be competent in the future with a qualification recognized both locally and internationally.
More details For further inquiries, please contact Manjula (0766536700) Kavindra (0112425733), Manuja (0112425754) email: [email protected] or [email protected] and visit the IBSL website www.ibsl.lk.

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