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Monash Celebrates Its 10th Intake at UCL With The launch of Diploma of Science

Jo Mithen, CEO of Monash College, a fully owned company of Monash University Australia visited Sri Lanka recently.
Speaking on the milestone of the 10th intake of Monash College programmes in Sri Lanka, she reinforced the vision and ambitions of Monash University. “Our motto is I’m still Learning’ and our ambition is to change the world, to make the world a better place” said Ms. Mithen. Monash College is established to assist the university in accessing international markets, and have a strong presence in Sri Lanka,Malaysia, Indonesia,India and China, and supports students to gain access to Monash University through its unique guaranteed pathway programmes. “I find Sri Lanka as an interesting market which is very crowded, where there are so many educational offerings. We monitor the process all the way through and we also provide training for the academic staff” added Ms. Mithen.

Diploma of Science
Ms. Jo Mithen announced the launch of the Diploma of Science in Sri Lanka scheduled in June 2019. This new programme will strengthen its portfolio which includes the Monash University Foundation Year, Diploma of Business, Diploma of Engineering and Diploma of Information Technology at UCL.
The teaching curriculumat UCL isexactly the sameas the students learning at Monash University Australia. The Monash College offers the same curriculum for international students. Apart from the curriculum, they have consistent assessment and constant monitoring of the standards to ensure that the standards are up to date, given the research intensive nature of the Monash University.

“UCL was founded with the ambition to provide the best education possible in the country for students who have a desire to change the world. We were fortunate enough to have ‘Monash’ as the partner who shared the same ambition because we want the students who study with us to really be ‘Monash-ready’ when they step outside” said UCL Director Zarif Munir, who is the Partner and Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group in Malaysia.
By providing the students the best facilities and the best faculty with a guaranteed pathway to Monash University, they strive to provide the high performing students of Sri Lanka with the opportunity to study overseas at one of the best universities in the world.

Qualified and Experienced
Academic Staff
UCL possesses an academic team who are not only highly qualified, but also have a good research capacity, the potential of teaching, mentoring and basically helping the students to excel at their fields. They have a combination of 35 full-timers and part-time faculty.
UCL’s faculty hold a minimum of Masters or MBA qualifications with half of them possessing PhDs and others are on their way to complete PhDs. “We hope, in the next 3-5 years, 90% of our panel would be PhD holders” added Mr. Zarif Munir.

Academic Excellence
Whilst providing excellent academic support to the high performing students to excel, the students who find the programme more challenging are provided additional support and backing even outside the classroom. By now, UCL has the proud record of achieving over 100 Global Awards of Excellence.
Gihan Silva, CEO UCL said, “this achievement is a significant one as our students were able to score the highest average marks in their respective subjects in comparison to all Monash College providers internationally, including Monash College in Melbourne, Australia. We take extra care to ensure that our students receive guidance and coaching required to explore and perfect their academic skills. Our dedicated academic team comprises of highly qualified and experienced lecturers who excel in their respective fields.”

UCL is very much concerned about the quality of the experience their students receive, and never compromise the quality of the exposure they are provided with. The UCL Talks series provides the opportunity for students to gain insights of the success of leading entrepreneurs such as Merrill J. Fernando of Dilmah, AjitGunewardene of PickMe, Asoka Hettigoda of Siddhalepa, etc.
Their students spend a year or two here and they progress to Monash University. One of the key measurements is how well the students who graduate from here do when they go to Monash Malaysia and Monash Australia. Many of their alumni go on to succeed not just in Monash but thereafter as well. For the Monash Team at UCL, that is of utmost importance. Hence, their students are well prepared when they leave. When the students return after graduating, they require placements in the industry. UCL is working with the Top 50 corporates in the country, and some of them have already signed up for partnerships with them.

Extra-Curricular Activities
UCL provides a student- centric holistic learning experience with high quality education combined with a variety of extra-curricular activities such as, basketball, football, futsal, badminton, squash, swimming, rugby, cricket, athletics, where the students compete with the students from other universities in the inter-university competitions. Apart from sports, they provide students with platforms like a Drama Club and Leo Club to showcase their aesthetic talents and to develop their leadership and soft skills that help them to blend into society being inculcated with social responsibility.The UCL Student Council organises and conducts a range of activities and events designed to develop student engagement and enrich the student experience at UCL.

Modern Campus
The UCL Campus is conveniently situated in Sri Lanka’s capital city in a picturesque location bordering the historical Diyawanna Lake offering panoramic views of the surrounding tranquil environment and the central business district’s skyscrapers at a distance. Within its premises, it offers state of the art facilities such as internationally recommended classroom sizes for greater student interaction and engagement, modern laboratories, well equipped library, comfortable study areas and a unique rooftop lounge for leisure and recreation of our students.

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