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You are Invited to ‘Monash University Application Day 2019’ ; Rise to the TOP with a Global 1% University Degree from Australia!

Monash University, Australia is one of the prestigious group of 8 universities in Australia and is ranked among the Top 100 globally.
The World is your classroom
If you aspire to make a positive impact in the world, you’ll find Monash learning is all about discovery, creativity, challenge and opportunity.
You will benefit from Monash university’s sophisticated and innovative learning environments: pharmacy students create medications in a virtual laboratory; finance students work in an immersive trading environment; and engineering students build and race real cars.
Double your options with a double degree
In a double-degree course, you study towards two degrees at the same time – for example commerce and engineering, or science and law – graduating with two separate qualifications. Studying towards two degrees at the same time allows you to keep your options open, to develop expertise in different but complementary areas, or simply to pursue two areas of interest in-depth.
Monash offers one of the most extensive ranges of double degrees in Australia, with more than 140 double-degree combinations across all major study fields.
Step in to an International Career
A Monash education prepares you for work as we know it today but also for success into the future. Monash University support the development of your expertise, skills, experience and resilience in order to provide you with lasting career success.As a Monash graduate you will gain access to a global network of successful alumni who share knowledge and connections with each otherto support you as your career continues to grow.
Become a Monash Student
You can pursue your Monash undergraduate/Postgraduate studies at Monash University, Australia orat Monash University branch campus in Malaysia.
If you are looking for a Monash University Foundation or a Diploma program ,Universal College Lanka (UCL) as the exclusive partner for Monash College in Sri Lanka, would be the place to be. For more details – www.ucl.lk
“Monash University Application Day 2019” organized by Eduko Pathways
Representing the most prestigious Australian University – Monash University in Sri Lanka, it is with great pride and pleasure we Eduko Pathways (Pvt) Ltd would like to welcome Mr.Jack Johnston – Regional Manager, Student Recruitment (International) to our homeland this February.
You are invited!
Here’s an open invitation to all future Monash students out there to visit us and explore the life time opportunities awaiting you at Monash University, Australia.
Explore your study options, scholarships, accommodation and visa requirements with Monash specialists.
Monash University Application Day – 2019
On – 10th February (Sunday) 2019
From – 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
At – Universal College Lanka (UCL), Rajagiriya
Call to sign up – 0763 978 000 / 0774 246 564 / 0766 472 444

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