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University of Vocational Technology Launches a Degree in Hotel Management

Sri Lanka is one of the well-known holiday destinations for its remarkable natural tourism resources and authentic food culture.According to ECONOMYNEXT, Sri Lankan hotels will need over 100,000 new workers with the number of star-class rooms expected to more than double in the next three years, given the new projects approved. Hospitality and Tourism industry is booming up in the Island as a result of the enormous flow of inward tourists that we continue to experience. At the same time, a considerable amount of hotel projects are in pipeline. The very message is that there is an inordinate demand for people equipped with the right qualification earned to a degree level with proven practical expertise too to manage these hotels.
Even though tourists enjoy the tourism experience in Sri Lanka, the hotel industry has faced issues with limited human resources (HR) and employees’ lack of motivation to provide professional services. In this backdrop, the University of Vocational Technology has taken all itsinitiatives to launch a new degree program in Hotel Management for the first time in this country. This is after a careful and detail studyon theexisting industry requirements and the potentials of the hotel sector in near future. Traditionally, hospitality education in Sri Lanka has been focused on offering courses merely on operational aspects of hotel trade such as front office, food and beverage, housekeeping and kitchen operations. At present, there areladies and gentsfervently employed in the hotel sector at the middle managerial level with diploma or equivalent qualification. Their upward mobility to higher level positions is however limited as there is no avenue available for them to obtain a higher education qualification at a degree level from arecognized state university. Hotel industry in Sri Lanka today needs ‘leaders, and risk takers’ who possess outstanding skills and who are able to motivate, train and nurture standards in the meantime. For that purpose, a degree is truly the pathway for someone to eventually move up to senior positions. Therefore, initiating a Bachelors’ Degree program in Hotel Management is certainly a precursor.
The University of Vocational Technology has collaborated with World recognized institutes from Canada and China who have hands-on experience in developing and implementing Bachelor of Hotel Management degree programmes. The curriculum for the Hotel Management Degree programme has been developed with the involvement of Canadian experts to ensure the course is compatible with the international standards.
This programme of study is designed for those who are already employed in the hotel and tourism industry at middle managerial level and who are desirous of elevating their own professional career. This programme of study is scheduled conveniently for working students so that they can continue to work while gainingsubject related knowledge. The course will be conducted over three academic years. English will be the medium of instructions. The programme will be delivered flexibly in order to facilitate employed candidates supported with online aids.Modules will be delivered by a panel of industry professionals with expert knowledge.Canadian and Chinese experts will also be involved in the programme delivery.The practical components of modules will be delivered through field visits, internship and industry exposure sessions. The programme is grounded in the essential skills needed for hotel management, beginning with English language courses tailored to the needs of the hotel industry. Students will also be able to advance their skills in accounting, marketing, e-commerce, economics, and business research. Students of this programme will also gain expertise in risk management, lodging operations, food services, wine and beverages and introduction to building services in hotels.Selected students will receive opportunities to participate in foreign student exchange programmes during the programme of study. The graduates of this degree programme will be equipped with top management competencies required to be future leaders of the global hotel and tourism industry.w

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