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THE Future Depends on What You do Today

A good education is the proverbial stepping stone to a smart and fulfilling career.
Today’s young men and women have a plethora of exciting education pathways to choose from. Making a career choice has therefore become a complex task with considerable time and energy required to make an informed decision.
To enable the students to be industry-ready and display “first-day, first-hour” productivity is indeed the single biggest differentiator.
This is where Manipal International University (MIU), Malaysia has already started making a mark for itself.
The MIU labs are fully equipped with world-class facilities so graduates can be industry-ready.
With over 1,200 students and 100+ world-class faculty operating out of a sprawling 142-acre state-of-the art campus in a pristine environment, MIU is at the forefront of path-breaking Science, Engineering and Business education in Malaysia.
Programmes offered at MIU are in line with fields that are in demand by both global and local industries. MIU offers Foundation programmes in Engineering, Science and Business Studies as well as Diplomas in Business Administration, Mass Communication, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Computer & Electronics Engineering and Applied Science.
There are eight Bachelor degree specialisations in Science and Engineering, and six in Management and Business.
Programmes like theBachelor’s of Mass Communication, Biotechnology and BBA International Business have been specifically designed based on market requirements and a strong industry orientation.
Industrial development in Malaysia in recent years has led to some of the world’s foremost corporations setting up hubs in Malaysia, particularly for manufacturing in the Electronics, ICT, Oil & Gas and Agriculture sectors.
MIU intends to be at the forefront of scientific and technical education and research in the region. Mandatory industrial training has therefore been made an integral part of all its programmes.
Through collaborations with MIU’s accredited industry partners, MIU students are given on-the-job training even before they graduate.
Besides internships and employment opportunities, these industry partners are involved in the review and development of the university syllabus, and in continuous engagement with students. This helps build their confidence and exposure needed to prepare them for working life.
Personal development, English communication and entrepreneurial development are infused into the syllabus to ensure students obtain a balance of technical knowledge and soft skills, which are important in securing a job and succeeding in their chosen careers.
Developing global perspective and mindset is critical to the success of one’s career in today’s world – with this in mind, MIU has established over 13 academic partners from Australia, the United States, United Kingdom and India. Students have the option of transferring credits earned at MIU to these partner universities.
As part of its exciting offers, MIU is providing up to 30% scholarships duringFirst Year of any Bachelors programmes for students who meets our eligibility criteria.
Students with three credits for their O-levels, will receive full 30% scholarships for Diploma programmes.
Many exciting scholarships are also available for deserving students in the Undergraduate Degree programmes.
A recent study by McKinsey & Company indicates that 39% of employers across industries globally, believe that skills shortage is a leading reason for entry-level vacancies.
The study says that if education providers and employers actively step into one another’s worlds with employers helping to design curricula and education providers having students spend considerable time on job sites, this skill shortage is bridged to a significant extent.
Manipal International University has taken steps in exactly this direction.
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