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Merit Scholarships and Exemptions for A/L Grades! Build Your Future With ANC Education

What’s next after A-Levels? The four college years are the last important developmental period of youth, and what happens in college has life-long consequences. This is why it is of utmost importance to make a good college decision. In collaboration with hundreds of world-class universities in America and Canada that provide students with more options not available anywhere else in the world, ANC Education has opened doors to opportunity for approximately 5000 students.
It takes a significant financial investment to obtain a top-ranked degree; nevertheless, gone are the days when the doors of top educational institutions remained closed for many deserving students owing to financial constraints. ANC ensures that earning world class qualifications is more attainable and more affordable than ever before! Deserving students are recognized for previous academic and extra-curricular achievement with merit scholarships, and exemptions (credit on entrance) are granted for satisfactory performance on A-Levels. Low interest student loans and easy payment plans are also available for any student seeking financial assistance.

Scholarship Information Session – spring 2019
Date : 24th January 2019
Time : 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Venue : ANC Education (No.308 – 310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03)
Registrations: 0772932587

Students finishing O Levels and A Levels are invited to apply for merit scholarships at ANC. The awards are tenable for all the courses that commence this spring:
• U. S. Business Degree (Full Degree Completion)
• U.S. Psychology Degree (Full Degree Completion)
• 2+2/ 3+1/ 1+3 U.S. / Canada Degree Transfer Programs
Recipients are identified through evaluation of admission application materials including academic achievement, extracurricular activities, awards, honors, etc. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship or claiming exemptions for A/L grades, you need to submit high school transcripts and records of extra-curricular involvement in support of the application.
Besides applying for a scholarship, you will also have the opportunity to meet with admission counsellors and discover your undergraduate options and explore studying in Canada and the USA. Parents are also welcome to attend the event.
Scholarships and Financial Aid
With increased emphasis on student services, student performance is closely monitored from the first day of class. This is to ensure that students maintain a satisfactory GPA throughout, which, in turn, enable transfer students to secure a place in a top US/ Canadian university, with a scholarship. Transfer students are eligible for scholarships up to USD 15,000. A few ANC students have been able to win full tuition scholarships to top US universities thanks to ANC’s long-established relationships with a number of US/ Canadian universities. ANC’s expert transfer officers and admission counsellors help students navigate the college process with no stress and submit top-notch applications to their Dream College/ university. ANC also hosts US and Canadian university representatives every six months to ensure that students have access to firsthand information.
Students with 3A’s enrolling on four year degree programs (full degree completion) in Business and Psychology are eligible for Full ANC scholarships or get USD 500 & USD 350 fee waivers for every A or B grade to pursue their higher education dreams from internationally renowned universities from America at fraction of the cost.
More than 75% of the students receive some type of support. In addition to scholarships, easy payment plans and low interest loans arranged through local banks promote student success.
Exemptions for A-Level Grades
Students who have successfully completed their A-Levels are eligible for exemptions for related courses in the first year (freshman year). Grades “A”-“C” are recognized towards exemptions. To apply for exemptions, students need to submit a copy of their examination transcript to respective student counsellors. Exemptions are assessed on a case-by-case basis and will be granted at the discretion of the Academic Head.
However, not getting the grades you were expecting doesn’t have to be demotivating because any student can get started with O-Levels; US universities accept OLs and IGCSEs for admission.
A Well-rounded Education in line with the US/ Canadian Higher Education System
In keeping with US system of higher education (Higher education in Canada is relatively similar to that in America) every ANC student is required to follow the General Education program offered by Northwood University of the USA. The program features a broad curriculum that enables students to build a well-rounded academic foundation. General education requirements include English composition, speech, mathematics, natural sciences, IT, sociology, world cultures, etc. Elective opportunities also enable students to take classes in accounting, economics, statistics, psychology, English literature, etc. These courses are designed to help students develop critical thinking, analytical, writing skills, and presentation skills that will not only ensure that they are well poised to get through more challenging courses related to their major but also allow them to succeed in any field they go into, for even engineering and business graduates enter the job market able to write as well as they can do numbers.
You are also allowed to take classes in whichever areas interest you and change your major (field of study) usually well into your second or even third year, thereby giving you a unique opportunity to decide what is best for you! This holistic academic foundation ensures a seamless transition to their studies in the US/ Canada for transfer students. World-class academics combined with paid/ supervised internships and endless other opportunities ensure that students who opt for ANC’s four-year degree programs (full degree completion) in business and psychology also build a strong resume even before the graduation and have a great future ahead. It’s also noteworthy that a student who completes his/ her American degree at ANC saves up to 70% of receiving the same degree in America; the same curriculum is followed and the same academic standards are held.
What’s more, with several student clubs and organizations, ANC students are inspired by an environment of constant activity. Students who do best at ANC balance academic, social, and extra-curricular activities.
For more information, contact/ visit ANC:
• 0772932587|| No.308 – 310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03
• 322, Peradeniya Road, Kandy
• or follow us on Facebook:

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