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Do you have 3 simple passes ? Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree? Here You Have a Golden Opportunity to: STUDY IN EUROPE With Schengen Visa and Part Time Jobs

The Dream of every student is to enter a State University in Sri Lanka after completing the Advanced Level Exam but according to the current situation in the Education System, most of the children are unable to fulfill the eligibility and fails to find the correct path for Higher Education.
RTU is a modern internationally recognized university. It is the only polytechnic university in Latvia and the largest university in the country – it educates and trains almost 15 thousand students.
RTU is focused on becoming a third generation university that not only provides high quality education, but also conducts advanced research and ensures innovation and technology transfer, practically implementing scientific discoveries. In the nine faculties of RTU it is possible to obtain high quality education not only in engineering, but also in social sciences and humanities.
Study programs implemented by RTU have been positively evaluated by international experts and are officially accredited. RTU is constantly developing its infrastructure by constructing a campus on Ķīpsala Island. On completion, the campus will be the most advanced engineering study centre in the Baltic Region.
RIGA TU Information & Study Centre recruits Sri Lankan students to European Universities for Medicine / Engineering for the lowest cost starting from Rs. 270,000 per semester, giving the best possible Standardized education in Europe.
Any student who has got 3 Simple passes in any stream for Advanced Level Examination can apply for Riga Technical University in Latvia which is one of the leading Universities in European Union (EU). IELTS not required as students can face the Online English Test conducted by the University.
RIGA TU Information & Study Centre offers Free Introductory course in English and Mathematics for the students who are weak in the subjects. RIGA TU Information & Study Centre is authorized as the Official Information and Study Center in Sri Lanka. Now the students get the opportunity to study the first semester in Sri Lanka with the supervision of Riga Technical University without any additional cost and then enter to university for the second semester. (Students also can apply with the pending AL results)Students who have completed A/L exam in Sinhala medium gets the chance to familiar with the course curriculum and succeed the degree in Latvia from second semester. Other students can enter directly for the first semester in February, who has a thorough knowledge in English.
The outstanding students with higher results in the exams can apply for ERASMUS Scholarship scheme which provides the student to choose any other country in Europe such as Germany, France, Sweden, Italy which are collaborated with the Riga Technical University and the cost for studies and living expenses will be funded by Riga Technical University.

The benefits of studying in Europe,
• Schenegen Visa. ( Travel 28 countries without visa )
• Eligibility to apply for Scholarships.
• Part time jobs.
• World recognized Universities
• Can apply without IELTS

European Higher Education Seminar to be conducted on 18th (Friday) of January, 2019 at 9.00am at Lavender Hall, BMICH, Colombo
Conducted by Ms.SigitaSaicane, Coordinator; International Projects,RTU-Latvia

For more details – 0711 – 70 70 70 / 0711- 60 60 60 / 076-8447444
RIGA TU Information & Study Centre ( Grand Royal Education) Center, 15/3, Samudra Devi Road, Nugegoda.

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